Software AG debuts Enterprise Digital Twin Framework to create a digital model that mirrors their processes, systems and assets

Software AG announced this week availability of a new Enterprise Digital Twin framework, which is built on the company’s ARIS platform and enables enterprises to create a digital model that mirrors the characteristics, interdependencies and interrelationships of their processes, systems and assets.

By using Software AG’s ARIS Process Transformation and Management platform as the foundation for an Enterprise Digital Twin Framework, enterprises can gain significant end-to-end visibility and visualization of their operations. Additionally, these enterprises gain the transparency required across their operations to make better decisions that will result in improved business outcomes and initiatives.

The ARIS-based Enterprise Digital Twin Framework ensures that processes are tightly linked and connected across the enterprise with real-life data. ARIS is an integral part of the Digital Business Platform and has gained substantial customer adoption with its broad portfolio and its most recent product developments that support enterprises at every stage in their digital transformation.

Software AG’s Enterprise Digital Twin Framework can be used in several use cases. For example, Supply Chain Management provides process chain visibility that enables end-to-end process excellence potentially achieving significant cost savings; Quality Management that allows enterprises to establish global, enterprise-wide standards for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and ensure that everyone is working from the same source of information; and Risk and Compliance that delivers full control of overall processes, compliance and risks.

The Digital Business Platform is an adaptable technology layer that fits into, but does not replace, an organization’s existing IT landscape. It enables a readiness that allows for the rapid adoption of current and future technologies and market disruptions with a platform for the ever-evolving digital world. Based on a single architecture and release cycle, the Software AG solution is an integrated platform enabling multiple digital use cases.

The Enterprise Digital Twin Framework enabled by the ARIS platform include Business Strategy and Planning, a systematic approach for defining, documenting, analyzing and implementing your business strategies coupled with clear benchmarking and monitoring. It delivers transformation empowerment, a structured means for process documentation and design enhancing team collaboration and training, as well as process launch, ongoing governance and continuous process improvement; and offers IT and IoT Alignment to provide the basis for executing processes across IT, IoT and SAP systems and making an Enterprise Digital Twin Framework a reality.

The framework includes Process Mining and Intelligence that delivers a holistic view of an enterprise’s processes coupled with dependencies for pattern, anomaly and opportunity discovery and intelligent insights for continuous process improvement, and enables theoretical process simulation comparisons against real world possibilities. Its Customer Journey Management minimizes the customer effort across all channels and touchpoints, ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer interacts with an enterprise, and provides a completely integrated system that creates personal experiences across all channels, including customer touchpoints and gap analysis.

It also offers Risk and Compliance Management, as the automation of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) through simple risk identification, documentation and assessment ensuring tight regulatory compliance and fast adaptation to new regulations. Includes a “single point of truth” for all compliance activities and a single dashboard for monitoring all compliance processes.


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