SoftBank joins with CloudMinds Technology for authentication offering on blockchain-based security platform

SoftBank Corp. and CloudMinds Technology announced Tuesday development of an authentication solution based on blockchain. The two companies have developed the new solution by combining CloudMinds’ blockchain-based authentication with the mobile carrier’s authentication platform.

The solution integrates CloudMinds’ device authentication and Softbank’s user authentication by mapping owner information and associated mobile device identifiers to identities in blockchain. This approach delivers a secure authentication system which identifies the owner of mobile devices.

This solution will enable mobile users to log-in to websites without having to enter their user Id and password. The SDP (software defined perimeter by Cloud Security Alliance) protocol is utilized to facilitate the authentication process, resulting in strong anti-DDoS capabilities. This framework provides a highly robust foundation for universal identity management.

With expertise in IoT and robotics using blockchain technologies, CloudMinds provides blockchain-based solutions. CloudMinds’ Permissioned Chain (CMPC) technology, employed in this joint development, uses “Legitimate Proof of Work” (LPOW) as its consensus scheme. A special design is employed to prevent “51 percent attacks” without the need for a huge amount of collective computing power. Such a solution is uniquely suited to enterprise applications.

One particularly important application is the Identity of Things (IDoT). IDoT is a universal identity management platform that provides a common identity space for all intelligent devices. As a result, a device is able to authenticate against any other device in the world. CloudMinds’ Permissioned Chain also supports a hierarchical identity management structure which matches the needs of real world structure and provides flexible and efficient control.

In the fast growing world of IoT, robotics and financial technology services, it is becoming critical to address the challenges that exist in device onboarding, service authorization and network connection processes, such as the management of the relationship among devices, users, and services. Currently, such management exists in silos; there is no universal service.

“I believe that our collaboration with CloudMinds will make substantial progress in authentication of Fintech and IoT device and service management. The CloudMinds authentication solution is based on a universal security framework, therefore, it can be applied to payment service which requires high security,” said Takeshi Fukuizumi, Vice President of SoftBank Corp.

“This development is an important step towards the realization of IDoT. Given the decentralized nature of blockchain and the permission controlled scheme of CMPC, the IDoT will be jointly maintained by a large number of stakeholders. No company can monopolize the platform alone, and the platform does not rely on the existence of any single company supporting the platform. We believe IDoT will be a critical enabler for a fast approaching autonomous world,” said Bill Huang, CEO of CloudMinds Technology.


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