SmartBin debuts Metro line of remote waste monitoring sensors, targeted at IoT networks

SmartBin announced this week that its waste monitoring solution, the Metro line – with Internet of Things (IoT) network connectivity and options for ultrasonic and infrared fill-level detection – raising the standard for smart recycling and IoT remote waste management.

The Metro series connects to large IoT networks based on either LoRa or Sigfox standards. As connectivity to IoT networks is more cost effective and less power intensive, the Metro series has a battery life of greater than 10 years – and at a reduced cost compared to most other sensors.

SmartBin’s Metro series has been developed for metropolitan uses including a range of smart city applications for both underground and surface containers, such as general waste and recycling, clothing, waste oil, yellow greases and organic waste.

SmartBin recently was acquired by OnePlus Corp., a ParkerGale Capital portfolio company providing technology solutions in waste compactor automated monitoring systems. The combined company enables each business to introduce its technology in new markets, including fueling OnePlus’ growth in Europe and Australia.

“SmartBin’s Metro series is one of the best answers yet for the waste industry,” said Klaus Voss, CEO of OnePlus, which recently acquired SmartBin. “Cities and customers who use Metro’s intelligent waste monitoring solution can realize a meaningful ROI within days of device deployment.”

The Metro series includes both a new infrared version and an ultrasonic version. The infrared version monitors the top level of a waste bin and can alert owners when the bin needs to be emptied. The ultrasonic sensor periodically measures the fill level of almost any liquid or material in multiple container types. The Metro series advances SmartBin clients’ ability to execute more efficiently, save time and fuel on optimized routes and use valuable labor and fleet resources more efficiently.

The Metro series of sensors is the hardware element of SmartBin’s waste monitoring solution. Using fill level and other data received from the remote sensors, SmartBin Live creates cost-efficient collection routes, detailed performance reports and a full container portfolio-monitoring function to truly optimize the most complex of collection operations.

“The benefits of IoT and big data are growing exponentially, and the waste industry is no exception,” said Brendan Walsh, CEO of SmartBin. “The Metro series of sensors offers customers an IoT waste monitoring solution with lower network costs and longer battery life, while giving them a more accurate and efficient way of tracking their waste and recycling collections.”

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