SMART Modular begins shipments of nvNITRO NVMe accelerator card featuring MRAM technology

SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, and vendor of specialty memory, storage and hybrid solutions including memory modules, flash memory cards and other solid state storage products, announced on Tuesday that it has begun shipping its nvNITRO Accelerator Card featuring MRAM technology.

SMART has also partnered with Everspin Technologies to launch the new Spin-transfer Torque MRAM (STT-MRAM)-based nvNITRO Accelerator Card. The nvNITRO is ideal for demanding transaction logging applications and, along with enhanced performance features, is designed with plug-and-play capability requiring no changes to system hardware, memory reference, bios or file systems.

MRAM technology is byte-addressable and  persistent with very low latency, enabling improved system performance for many applications. The nvNITRO Accelerator Card fully exploits these unique attributes to provide a disruptive solution for industries where transaction processing and data recording performance are critical. For example, nvNITRO can reduce financial application wait times by reducing latency up to 90 percent over enterprise SSDs.

Powered by Everspin Technologies, the nvNITRO Accelerator Card can be used for metadata caching to accelerate write performance without the need for battery backup in an emerging lineup of MRAM-based persistent memory products. SMART Modular Technologies is a member of NVM Express.

The nvNITRO card enables a system application to write or log large amounts of data at the full performance of incoming data and provides extremely low and highly consistent read latencies of under 10µs. This enables a customer to utilize a single nvNITRO card as a front end cache connected to less expensive backend storage devices, providing a very cost effective solution for logging information and accessing terabytes of data at very high performance, while providing power loss protection for data. No super capacitors, UPS or batteries are required because nvNITRO is power fail safe through its use of STT-MRAM persistent memory technology.

The nvNITRO Accelerator Card is currently available in a half-height half-length (HHHL) PCIe Gen3 form factor which is NVM Express 1.2.1 compliant. Available in a 1GB density, the card supports greater than 1.5 million IOPS and approximately 6μs latency based on 4K random read/write. Evaluation samples are available and can be obtained by contacting SMART.


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