Sigfox, Engie and UnaBiz come together to connect Singapore to the global IoT network

Communications provider of Internet of Things Sigfox, independent power producer Engie and UnaBiz, an IoT network operator, announced Monday a partnership and plan to deploy the Sigfox global network in Singapore. The partners expect strong synergies between the Republic’s smart nation initiative and their connectivity offer.

The partners expect Sigfox’s cost-effective, energy-efficient connectivity to find receptive markets as Singapore implements its Smart Nation Initiative. This “whole-of-nation” program will include infrastructure, policies, ecosystem and capabilities to bring Smart Nation benefits to all citizens across many sectors.

The Smart Nation initiative is coordinated by the Smart Nation Programme Office in the Prime Minister’s Office, supported by other government agencies. By harnessing ICT, networks and data, the Smart Nation vision seeks to support better living, create more opportunities, and support stronger communities.

Taking advantage of the quick rollout of the network, which requires far lighter infrastructure than traditional wireless networks, the three partners expect to offer nationwide coverage by early 2017.

Last year, Engie acquired a minority stake in Sigfox and established ENGIE M2M to act as the exclusive national network operator of Sigfox’s connectivity solution in Belgium. In other countries, Engie is also a user of Sigfox solution, for different use projects under development, such as remote monitoring of boilers, metering in heat distribution and smart lighting. This year, Sigfox plans to have coverage in more than 30 countries with its network.

UnaBiz, the exclusive Sigfox network operator in Singapore, will lead the nationwide rollout and drive the overall growth of Sigfox’s IoT ecosystem in the republic.

“Singapore is SIGFOX’s first deployment in Asia and home to its regional headquarters. This is testament to Singapore’s strategic positioning as a leading global connectivity hub and a gateway for high-growth businesses to address the opportunities presented in this region,” said Meng Fai Tung, Deputy Director (Infocomms & Media) for the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

“The rollout of SIGFOX’s global network in Singapore with ENGIE and UnaBiz marks an important milestone in strengthening Singapore as a Smart Nation and global player in the Internet of Things,” he added. This partnership is a significant addition to Singapore’s digital infrastructure, and a catalyst for greater innovation in Singapore’s infocomm technology ecosystem.”

Henri Bong, CEO of UnaBiz, notes that the IoT will have a profound impact on the way citizens live, work and play: “The IoT will play a major role in building nations where citizens will live fulfilling lives that are richly supported by technology,” Bong said. “As the exclusive SIGFOX Network Operator in Singapore, we are very excited to roll out nationwide connectivity. We will leverage SIGFOX’s global ecosystem of world-leading component manufacturers, IT developers and integrators to help and establish Singapore as the ‘living lab’ of Asia.”

Sigfox CEO Ludovic Le Moan said the company’s simple deployment, seamless connectivity and flexibility to conform to standards assure a rapid rollout in Singapore, and pave the way for multiple new applications in all business and industry sectors and smart-city uses.

“The IoT must have a global seamless network infrastructure to enable secure collection, transmission and sharing of that data and to address the total-cost-of-ownership barriers that delay its adoption,” Le Moan said. “Based on our experience in 21 countries where our network is already present and registers more than 7 million objects, we are confident that our proven solution and partner ecosystem will help Singapore to implement its Smart Nation Initiative quickly and successfully.”

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