Sierra Wireless solar-powered satellite asset tracking service uses Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar device

Sierra Wireless announced on Tuesday that it has added solar power to its satellite-enabled asset tracking managed service. This capability will allows agencies to connect, track and manage thousands of relief assets and respond to emergencies more effectively. The company is using Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar device to extend battery power and provide reliable satellite connectivity to ensure devices remain online and available when it matters most.

Using Sierra Wireless’ managed asset tracking service, with mapping and management software designed specifically for mission-critical situations, government agencies can monitor assets in chaotic environments and ensure that emergency responders get the tools they need to save lives and limit damage.

The managed service combines the SmartOne Solar device with software and resilient network connectivity to provide an off-the-shelf, market-ready service. Instead of spending time searching for vendors and building their own solution, Sierra Wireless helps customers deploy quickly with low up-front costs.

The solution also features Bluetooth capabilities which make it easier to update the device remotely in the field, saving time and money. Loss prevention features include geofencing, GPS location data and theft recovery modes, all of which improve visibility of expensive equipment and supplies while in remote locations around the world.

With Sierra Wireless’ asset tracking managed solutions, companies can target the exact location of assets in near real-time, enabling quick and decisive action, should a problem or change in scheduling occur. These tracking solutions ensure that high-value assets are safe, secure and where they should be, even when in route to, or in remote locations.

Building a solution to wirelessly track and monitor assets, as well as the goods they contain, can be complex and so can its ongoing maintenance. For this reason, Sierra Wireless offers Asset Tracking as fully-integrated, end-to-end managed services that are fast and easy to deploy, with minimal start-up costs, backed by decades of IoT experience from the global leader of wireless modules.

Asset tracking focuses on giving companies visibility into where, what, and how assets are deployed. By tracking and monitoring these assets through a web-based application, managers can make smarter, more timely decisions based on facts. This type of business intelligence drives performance and creates significant competitive advantages.

Following a natural disaster, like a hurricane or forest fire, it’s imperative that assets such as emergency equipment, temporary trailers for housing, and food and clean water supplies be deployed quickly to the right locations. When power and cellular networks are out of service, Sierra Wireless’ managed satellite asset tracking service with Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar device provides the reliability that agencies need to accurately deploy resources. Globalstar’s solar-powered device can run for up to 10 years on battery power, ensuring that agencies stay connected to assets in-motion.

“With Sierra Wireless’ managed asset tracking service, our customers can track high-value assets that are critical to effective, life-saving disaster responses,” said Marc Overton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IoT Services, Sierra Wireless. “When cellular service is unavailable, satellite asset tracking gives agencies insight into the status of mission-critical aid. Our service provides the reliable, secure connectivity needed to track and control assets sent into disaster zones.”

“Government agencies and organizations need dependable, up-to-date information to make informed decisions, especially when lost or delayed emergency response assets can mean endangering lives or spending tens of thousands of dollars replacing lost equipment,” said David Kagan, CEO, Globalstar. “The affordable SmartOne Solar device delivers dependable, low-latency, high-quality connectivity when it’s needed most, whether you’re tracking emergency supplies or crisis support vehicles.”

Sierra Wireless’ managed asset tracking service is available now.

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