Sierra Wireless’ ALMS ARA adds operational insight for vehicle fleet operations with device management platform

Sierra Wireless announced general release of AirLink Management Service – Advanced Reporting and Analytics (ALMS ARA) that adds operational insight for vehicle fleet operations to the company’s cloud-based device management platform.

The features enable organizations to manage their vehicle fleets using Sierra Wireless’ AirLink gateways, routers and cloud-based management platform by providing a deeper level of actionable insight and analytics into vehicle use, driver behavior and fleet maintenance.

ALMS ARA is an optional feature of ALMS that provides advanced historical reporting through a series of pre-defined reports that provide insight into the range of telemetry data that is reported to ALMS by AirLink gateways and routers, the company announced Monday.

ALMS ARA includes geofencing capabilities to help refine reporting capabilities and supports receiving much more granular data from the AirLink devices than is available in ALMS. The ALMS ARA features are available at an additional monthly cost for all ALMS users.

With a scalable network management solution like AirLink Management Service (ALMS), organizations can install updates that strengthen the security of their IoT applications, reduce ongoing costs related to reconfiguring devices for IoT applications enhancements, and simplify and speed the deployment of new IoT applications.

With ALMS, organizations can deliver over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates to their devices to help protect against new security threats. Organizations no longer need to manually connect to each device, one at a time, to update firmware or apply security patches, which not only increases the speed in which security updates can be made, but also reduces the costs associated with making updates.

In fact, from the ALMS dashboard, organizations can view the status of updates on all devices and push updates with one click. They can also monitor their devices on an ongoing basis; part from setting up proactive alerts for activities like spikes in data transmission that might indicate a breach, allowing them to react to and minimize any damage from an attack.

The standard ALMS offering stores user data for up to three months, after which it is deleted from the system. Data retention for ALMS ARA customers is extended up to 12 months, enabling a much deeper set of data for analysis and reporting. The default account setting will remain at three months, but administrators of the account can extend it to up to 12 months, to align with corporate policies on data retention.

ALMS ARA will allow for customers to have an unlimited number of User accounts in their ALMS ARA company. The current limit for standard and free tier ALMS accounts is ten users. ALMS ARA will also allow for customers to have an unlimited number of admin accounts in their ALMS ARA company. The current limit for standard and free tier ALMS accounts is five admin users.

As with all ALMS features, the complete range of ALMS ARA features and data are support by the AirVantage APIs. This enables system-to-system integration to pull data from AirVantage into other corporate systems such as CAD or DMS.

ALMS ARA offers the same core device configuration, over-the-air (OTA) software updates and monitoring capabilities as ALMS but adds a powerful reporting and analytics engine and pre-defined reports to provide users with actionable business data. The first release of ALMS ARA includes reports that help managers of small-to-medium sized fleets gain insight into their vehicle fleet operations, including vehicle stops and trips, driver behavior, speeding and harsh acceleration incidents, and vehicle engine faults for proactive maintenance.

“Public safety, utilities and field service organizations are looking for a simple platform to collect actionable data from their fleets to transform and optimize operations,” said Tom Mueller, vice president product line management for enterprise solutions at Sierra Wireless. “With the addition of advanced reporting and analytics, our customers can use their trusted AirLink networking solution to provide business insights in addition to secure, managed LTE connectivity.”

Customers using supported AirLink devices, such as the AirLink MP70 with vehicle diagnostic interface (OBD-II/J1939), can use ALMS ARA to get cloud-based access to rich vehicle telemetry data through powerful APIs.

ALMS and ALMS ARA are priced at $18/year/device and $54/year/device respectively. ALMS and ALMS ARA are commercially available through Sierra Wireless’ authorized channel partners.


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