Senet and MeterSYS partner to provide smart city solutions, advanced water metering infrastructure to public agencies

Senet has announced a partnership with MeterSYS, vendor of advanced smart city and metering technology solutions for public utilities. Collaboration between the two companies focuses on deploying LoRaWAN enabled networks for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and IoT devices across the United States through the MeterSYS IoT service program SenthiSYS.

Through this partnership, Senet and MeterSYS are providing utilities and local governments with IoT solutions for a broad range of municipal services including water distribution, sewer collection, storm and flood water management, solid waste management, parking controls, fleet management, public safety, energy conservation, and climate monitoring. 

Simplifying the purchasing and deployment processes, public agencies can now acquire comprehensive LoRaWAN network planning and installation services, IoT device testing, and customized and centralized SenthiSYS device data management system (DDMS) directly from MeterSYS.

Water metering is one of the fastest growing LoRaWAN market segments, with millions of meters being deployed globally today. As municipalities expand their initiatives to deliver city-wide IoT services, they are in a unique position to partner with utility companies to leverage the expansive and dense networks used for metering. 

Senet is advancing these engagements by offering new and unique operating paradigms that support application-centric LoRaWAN network deployment and revenue sharing opportunities for IoT ecosystem members based on the role they play in contributing to the network build-out.

“We are excited to be partnering with MeterSYS to deliver innovation to public utilities and municipalities, helping to provide cost-savings, the ability to generate new service revenues and improved customer satisfaction,” said Senet CEO Bruce Chatterley. “Forward-thinking cities have come to recognize that to realize the full value of IoT, they must deploy a secure and scalable network that supports multiple solutions and applications. Connecting municipalities with the robust networks deployed for water metering could mean a huge leap forward in the delivery of many connected city services.”

“Providing end-to-end AMI and smart city IoT solutions through the Senet and MeterSYS partnership provides utilities and municipalities a single source to fully leverage infrastructure investments, boost efficiencies and accelerate sustainability efforts across a variety of public service operations,” said Andy Honeycutt, president and chief consulting officer at MeterSYS. “Senet’s LoRaWAN network and flexible deployment options allow us to support the unique needs of our customers for automated meter reading and a broad range of smart city initiatives.”

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