Semtech announces production shipments of ClearEdge CDR platform, its comprehensive 5G wireless front haul portfolio

Semtech Corp., supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced on Tuesday 5G wireless volume shipments with Semtech’s ClearEdge CDR platform.

The ultra-low power, high-performing ClearEdge CDR (clock data recovery) is engineered for next-generation data centers and enterprise network infrastructures. Our multi-lane signal conditioners are based on our reference-free ClearEdge platform and can be integrated with drivers and TIAs, therefore offering low power, smallest footprint solutions for QSFP28, CFPx, XFP, retimed SFP+, and other 25G and 100G modules and AOCs. 

Semtech’s multi-lane signal conditioners enhance the reach and quality of high-speed serial links, compensating for transmission loss and re-setting crosstalk and jitter budgets. The 100Gbps (quad 25Gbps) ClearEdge CDR consumes only 340mW total power, is offered in a compact 3.5mm x 5.5 mm CSP package and achieves less than 5ps of total output jitter performance.

Semtech offers 4G wireless with over 80 percent market share and leading the industry with PAM4 Tri-Edge analog-based IC solutions. This puts Semtech in a unique position to lead the 5G wireless market and enable the wireless ecosystem.

“Semtech continues to make great inroads with the 5G wireless business as we enable our customers’ next generation 5G wireless optical module designs. Volume shipments of our complete front haul chipset platform starting in the fourth calendar quarter of 2019 will enable millions of ports in the coming year. Our customers continue to prioritize our designs based on our performance, delivery and support,” said Raza Khan, Senior Market Manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “In addition, Semtech is already leading the way to enable analog PAM4-based solutions in the data center market and creating a complete analog PAM4 ecosystem with the Open Eye MSA. Semtech will leverage this PAM4 leadership and enable a complete 5G wireless Tri-Edge CDR portfolio.”

Most countries including China, Korea and the United States are now deploying 5G wireless services and many other countries have announced clear plans to deploy 5G wireless systems. Semtech expects the 5G wireless opportunity for Semtech to be significantly larger than 4G wireless, led by a higher number of 5G wireless base stations, as well as additional IC content per base station, since optical modules for 5G wireless utilize CDRs to ensure signal integrity, whereas 4G wireless does not.

Current 5G wireless deployments (phase 1) utilize 25 Gbps optical links in front haul supported by Semtech’s complete ClearEdge CDR platform. Future deployments of 5G wireless will enable new applications such as virtual reality gaming, virtual medical applications and autonomous driving cars. These systems will require lower latency and much higher bandwidth, and will utilize 50 Gbps PAM4 optical links starting in late 2020 enabled by Semtech’s Tri-Edge CDR portfolio.

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