Schindler powers digital urban mobility segment with GE partnership

Schindler Group and GE Digital entered Wednesday into a strategic alliance that will use the full potential of the Industrial Internet for digital innovations in elevators, escalators and smart buildings.

Over a billion people rely on Schindler’s mobility solutions every day. Timely and efficient management of these assets is critical for safety and customer satisfaction. The Predix-based digital platform will enable Schindler’s personnel to proactively and predictively identify, analyze and resolve possible service issues before they happen, reducing and eliminating downtime and improving the experience for users and customers.

Schindler will leverage GE’s Predix platform and GE’s proven digital industrial expertise in advanced analytics to further its efforts in the Industrial Internet of Things, predictive analytics, machine learning and in providing smart digital solutions to its users and customers. With Predix, Schindler will enhance its capabilities to monitor, analyze and leverage data generated from its connected elevators, escalators and PORT Technology.

The Predix platform has been designed to address the key challenges that prevent growth and market competitiveness; capture and analyze the velocity, volume, variety, and complexity of industrial data; and meet the needs for industrial grade, end-to-end cyber, informational, and operational security. It also enables faster innovation by eliminating barriers to entry to develop industrial apps for new business outcomes, and allows users to take advantage of an industry-wide ecosystem of partners to extend capabilities through integrated software, hardware and services.

Predix is built on Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). By using Cloud Foundry’s microservices architecture, its support for existing languages and programming tools, together with its modern development and operations (DevOps) environment, app developers can build, test, deploy and scale applications in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Developers also gain access to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and its growing library of services that are continually being contributed by industry.

“The partnership with GE in the area of the Industrial Internet is a key milestone in our digitization strategy and will allow us to reaffirm our innovation leadership,” said Alfred N. Schindler, chairman of the Schindler Group.

“GE and Schindler can deliver premium digital solutions powering urban mobility. Leveraging the Predix industrial operating system, Schindler is positioned to be a digital industrial leader in the elevator and escalator business,” said Jeffrey R. Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE.


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