Samsung makes Van Gogh art available on its lifestyle TV, The Frame; 25 masterpieces will become available for purchase or via subscription

Samsung Electronics announced a partnership with the Van Gogh Museum to bring the art of Vincent Van Gogh to the South Korean giant’s lifestyle TV, The Frame. The Samsung Art Store– an art platform for TV – will have 25 masterpieces from the Amsterdam-based museum available for purchase or via subscription for owners of The Frame.

In addition, Samsung Electronics America and the Van Gogh Museum are coordinating a Van Gogh Museum pop-up tour across various U.S. malls that feature unparalleled, curator-approved replicas of nine carefully selected paintings by the artist, including Almond Blossom, Sunflowers, The Harvest, Wheatfield under Thunderclouds, Boulevard de Clichy, Undergrowth, The Bedroom, Fishing Boats on the Beach at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and Landscape at Twilight. Three-dimensional replicas of Van Gogh’s masterpieces pay exclusive tribute to his artistic genius and original, unique approach to art.

The Frame features a crisp, clear 4K UHD screen with HDR10+ so users can view content just as the director intended. The Frame 2018 comes with new smart capabilities that make it quick and easy to set up the new TV to stream and access content. With effortless login and mobile setup, users can transfer their Wi-Fi and Samsung account details from their phone to the TV via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) without having to remember or re-type in their password.

Samsung’s proprietary Smart Hub menu also allows users to navigate across streaming services, consoles and live TV while Universal Guide curates personalized content recommendations based on TV viewing habits.

The Frame also comes equipped with Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, so owners can use voice commands through their phone or remote to bring up their favorite shows and control compatible smart lights, soundbars, cameras, door locks and more via Samsung’s SmartThings IoT dashboard.

As the standards for interior design shift, people want the look of their homes to reflect their broader lifestyle and personal tastes. Samsung is looking beyond the traditional black box and taking an artful approach to TV.

When not displaying TV content, The Frame’s Art Mode transforms the screen to display the owner’s choice of framed paintings and photographs. Just like how a framed picture looks different depending on time of day, sensors also adjust the screen settings based on the ambient light in the room.

To satisfy almost any artistic preference, consumers will be able to choose from 100 professional pre-loaded, curated and exclusive works to exhibit via ‘Samsung Collection.’

Aside from the artwork that comes pre-loaded on The Frame, users will also have access to Samsung’s Art Store, a growing library of hundreds of established and emerging artist works, curated by several international organizations, galleries and museums.

Consumers can purchase an individual piece of art for $19.99 or subscribe to the full Art Store collection for $4.99 per month. The Art Store will continue to be updated with work from more galleries, museums, and artists around the world, allowing The Frame owners to build up their collection and show off more of their unique and eclectic styles.

The Frame blends in with home décor. When mounted, it hangs on the wall using Samsung’s No-Gap Wall-Mount. The Frame offers four customizable magnetic bezel options – black, white, light and dark wood colors – so that users can swap bezel colors to complement the color of the room. And the One Invisible Connection, a single slim and translucent cable that transmits both power and AV data to the TV, eliminates the clutter of cords beneath the TV and the need to place the TV near data or power outlets.

The selected pieces feature landscapes, self-portraits, and still life imagery from some of Van Gogh’s most famous works. With this selection, owners of The Frame will be able to find a Van Gogh painting that suits their personal tastes and their home décor with the option to select a new painting if they ever want to transform the aesthetic of their living space.

For example, they can display Van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers when they want to create a warm and welcoming space for a dinner party or they can display Orchard in Blossom to welcome the first signs of spring. They can even create personalized collections to shuffle through a variety of Van Gogh’s masterpieces or if they want to display his celebrated work alongside work from other artists.

Owners of The Frame now have more ways than ever to customize the look and feel of their room. The Samsung Art Storehouses a growing and diverse library of artwork from some of the most prominent museums, galleries and artists around the world.

“People from all over the world really love Van Gogh, so we’re always searching for new ways to make his life and work accessible to as many people as possible,” said Adriaan Dönszelmann, managing director of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. “This partnership with Samsung creates a great opportunity to reach a new audience outside the museum. We are very proud of this collaboration.”

“We’re excited to welcome the Van Gogh Museum to the ever-growing list of distinguished galleries and museums on the Samsung Art Store,” said Andrew Sivori, vice president of TV Product Marketing for Samsung Electronics America. “This partnership allows new audiences to discover and showcase the beauty of Van Gogh’s work in their home by using The Frame’s innovative display technology to transform any room into a dynamic gallery.”


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