Safe-T protects industrial IoT networks with Zero Trust offering to secure connected devices

Safe-T, provider of software-defined access (SDA) solutions for hybrid cloud, announced the launch of a new version of its Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution, designed for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)  organizations. The new version extends the Zero Trust network and SDP solution to the world of IoT.

Safe-T’s Zero Trust solution is built on the company’s patented reverse-access technology platform, which reduces the attack surface of the IIoT network by controlling which IoT device can access the backend systems, including meter data management systems and IoT platforms, enabling “qualified” IoT devices to participate in a Zero Trust strategy.

Safe-T’s solution achieves this by forcing the IoT device to authenticate first before being granted access. Authentication can be done by sending a predefined token or credentials from the IoT devices to Safe-T’s SDP solution. Only after Safe-T’s secure access solution has authenticated the IoT device, it is granted on-demand access to the specific backend system.

In recent years, IoT devices have become an important element across a wide range of industries. For instance, devices such as remote meters and connected lighting are now commonplace in any organization. With the increase of IoT devices, there has been a rise in the emergence of IoT security vendors. Until now, these vendors have focused on protecting the device itself from hackers, while leaving the organization to defend their data with legacy solutions that fail to address the unique requirements of IOT.

Safe-T, having the know-how and expertise in Zero Trust network design and SDP, has recognized this need and developed the SDP solution, protecting not only the IoT devices but also the IIoT organizations’ data center from remote IoT devices.

This process of authentication first, access later, ensures that breached/hacked IoT devices or IoT devices which do not have the Safe-T API (Application Programing Interface) will never be granted access to the IoT network.

“Today, Zero Trust vendors mainly target humans, but they are exceeded by the number of applications and IoT devices trying to access backend systems and we haven’t seen Zero Trust vendors trying to tackle this issue,” said Eitan Bremler, VP Technology at Safe-T. “Recognizing this potential problem, we adapted our Software Defined Perimeter solution to support application-to-application use cases, as well as IOT-to-application use cases.”

In addition to supporting IoT devices, Safe-T’s secure access solution also supports IoT bridges to which IoT devices connect. This reduces the changes required on the IoT device, and instead has the IoT bridge perform the authentication on behalf of the device.

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