RiskSense platform tackles enterprise requirements for security analytics and risk transparency

RiskSense Inc., a pro-active cyber risk management company, announced Monday further enhancements to its Software-as-a-Service platform. RiskSense Platform 7.0 and its Business Intelligence Engine is currently available from RiskSense and its global business partners worldwide.

RiskSense 7.0 integrates the TIBCO Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Engine, providing enhanced flexibility in the design and customization of self-service reports, clear and concise visualizations, and quick analysis and report generation.

These advanced security analytics capabilities enable automated coordination among business stakeholders, provide real-time visibility into an organization’s cyber risk exposure, and enable security program benchmarking over time.

RiskSense Platform 7.0’s integration of the TIBCO Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Engine provides end users with analytics user interface with configurable reports. All reports come with pre-defined filtering attributes for Asset, Threat, Vulnerability, Risk, and Remediation use cases, allowing for swift customization of the report template library.

The Asset Risk Report highlights important details pertaining to an organization’s asset risk posture. It provides an organization with a high-level view of weaknesses in their network or Web applications based on asset value or criticality, and vulnerabilities existing on those assets.

The Detailed Vulnerability Report provides a high-level summary of organizational vulnerabilities. This report highlights high, medium, and low-severity vulnerabilities and an organization’s susceptibility to exploit, malware, and RiskSense Verified (RSV) vulnerabilities across the internal network, external network, and Web applications.

The Executive Vulnerability Report gives executives actionable intelligence regarding organizational vulnerabilities. The report lists the top ten most vulnerable groups in an organization’s environment, sorted, in order by the RiskSense Security Score. The report also provides a high-level view of vulnerabilities and weaknesses discovered in a customer’s Web applications.

The Executive Risk Report highlights important details pertaining to an organization’s overall cyber risk. It provides organizations with a high-level view of the organization’s overall risk posture and key influential risk factors.

The rise in the sophistication level of threats and security breaches, as well as stringent regulations and compliance requirements are driving the need for near real-time security analytics and reporting. This is being complicated by ever-expanding attack surfaces, which have extended beyond the network and endpoints to encompass databases, cloud environments, applications, and the Internet of Things.

In this context, RiskSense provides security professionals with clear visibility into vulnerabilities, threats, and their organization’s cyber risk exposure. Since it discovers risks as they occur, RiskSense can reduce security investigations from days to minutes.

By enabling organizations to understand their cyber risk exposure across the entire security stack and all attack surfaces, RiskSense also provides better protection for critical business assets while reducing the time and cost associated with threat management and compliance-focused reporting.

The RiskSense Platform 7.0 includes a Multi-Client Dashboard that enables Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to deliver risk management offerings that align a client’s vulnerability management priorities to focus on the most serious threats posed to their business operations.

The RiskSense Platform enables organizations to pro-actively discover and address cyber security gaps based on the risk they pose to business operations. It extracts actionable intelligence from the massive volume of data generated by a patchwork of cyber security products, including vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence feeds, and other complex security systems. This allows enterprises and governments to understand their particular cyber risk exposure across a growing attack surface, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results.

“Any intelligence-driven security program must begin with a comprehensive understanding of risk facing the organization,” said Torsten George, vice president of global marketing and products at RiskSense. “The RiskSense Platform aggregates a wealth of data that enables organizations to understand both their current and anticipated risk posture. The integration of the TIBCO Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Engine enhances the platform’s ability to extract massive amounts of data at scale and present it in the most meaningful manner to security professionals and business executives alike.”

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