Rigado R41Z offers future-proof foundation for low power embedded systems; improves time-to-market

Rigado announced Wednesday Rigado R41Z Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Thread module designed for large-scale, low power embedded systems. A multi-mode Thread and BLE module, the R41Z is an ultra-low-power, highly-integrated single chip device that effectively balances power and performance with scalability, and easy, secure updating.

The Rigado R41Z is ideal for designs that require multi-mode capability, such as participation in a mesh network for local and remote control, as well as direct communication using BLE over a mobile device. The Rigado R41Z is currently available, as is the Rigado R41Z Evaluation Kit.

Specifically, developers are increasingly designing smart systems that require device-to-device communication; Thread’s IP-based mesh network allows for this point-to-point communication locally and via the Internet. However, many use-cases also require BLE functionality in order to control or monitor these smart devices via a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth and so require a dual-mode Thread and BLE solution.

Rigado R41Z customers have access to Rigado’s suite of jumpstart and accelerated development tools. From its mobile libraries for iOS and Android that make interacting with Bluetooth Smart devices on iOS and Android quick and easy, to its Secure Bootloader which helps keep products up to date securely, Rigado’s jumpstart tools help speed up prototyping and development efforts.

In addition, Rigado offers scalable support, providing experienced RF engineers and developers able to assist along the way with a spectrum of services — from free design reviews to custom module design and full, comprehensive support.

Based on the NXP Kinetis KW41Z MCU family, the Rigado R41Z enables support of concurrent operation of IEEE 802.15.4 based Thread protocol and BLE connectivity while also hosting embedded applications. Specific benefits of the KW41Z MCU carried forward in the Rigado module include efficient 48 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ CPU; optimized low power MCU and radio for extended battery life; and expanded memory configuration with 128 kB SRAM to support embedded applications.

“As the demand for connected devices grows, Rigado has taken much of the legwork out of the process for product designers, speeding their time to market with reduced development costs,” said Ben Corrado, CEO of Rigado. “Having tested and engineered the R41Z module for maximum range, reliability and efficiency — all while providing a module that can power the most demanding of applications — the Rigado R41Z answers the call for a multi-mode module that saves teams up to six months in design and certification.”

“NXP and Rigado are committed to creating solutions that effectively remove design and development hurdles for IoT product teams,” said Emmanuel Sambuis, vice president, MCU and Connectivity products at NXP. “With the R41Z board, Rigado has developed a module that builds on NXP’s excellence in a way that saves time and retains all the native benefits of the Kinetis KW41Z MCU from NXP.”

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