Redbooth offers Artificial Intelligence-based predictive task management capabilities

Redbooth delivered on Tuesday its initial project management solution that incorporates market-ready, practical, artificial-intelligence-powered capabilities. The company’s new Smart Redbooth machine learning technology powers predictive task assignment and task scheduling, enabling users to maximize project resources with maximum efficiency. Smart Redbooth technology is built into the latest Redbooth product release.

The Redbooth platform has been used by over 600,000 teams to work on more than 1.8 million projects. Utilizing machine-learning algorithms, Redbooth analyzed the accumulated store of task and project data to find patterns and commonalities that reduce or eliminate unnecessary or duplicated effort.  

Smart Redbooth can now predict the appropriate resources to assign to a task and estimate the approximate date on which tasks should be completed.

The latest version of the Redbooth solution features Workspace Redesign – a redesigned workspace that organizes information to better match the way people work, enabling them to see project and task data at a glance; includes Task Detail enhancements that provides information allow users not only to prioritize and categorize tasks using almost any criteria but also to search and sort tasks to see task status immediately.

It also includes Workspace Activity Feed, a collapsible panel, which allows users to see activity that has occurred in the workspace, such as who has been invited to join the team and what tasks have been created or completed. Workspace members can also send and receive instant messages in the feed, which is more efficient and appropriate than email for quick questions and answers.

“In the fast-paced environments that our customers work in, they need to do more with less. Organizing your work and being efficient are the keys to increasing productivity,” said Ryan Crosbie, director of product for Redbooth. “Our Smart Redbooth technology provides predictive capabilities that help customers accurately assign task owners, complete projects on time, and reduce busywork.”

Redbooth also reports that since its merger last September with collaboration software provider AeroFS, the company has seen three of the four highest signup months in company history, and the highest month in company history for new paying customers. Redbooth has also achieved a 30 percent reduction in churn during that time.

Smart Redbooth and other enhancements to the Redbooth platform are immediately available to users.


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