Red Lion RAM industrial cellular products add MQTT protocol support for IIoT cloud platforms

Red Lion Controls announced Tuesday that its Sixnet series RAM industrial cellular RTUs support the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. MQTT is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT) protocol designed for lightweight data transmission and is an important part of industrial IoT (IIoT) communications.

Red Lion’s RAM cellular products offer customers the benefit of fast, simplified integration of industrial automation and process data with IIoT cloud platforms.

Red Lion’s RAM products also offer multiple serial and Ethernet ports and optional I/O, Wi-Fi and an active GPS to securely monitor and control remote devices over 4G LTE cellular networks. By providing data visibility, control and real-time notifications on field-deployed equipment and processes, the RAM platform enables organizations to take advantage of the benefits of IIoT.

RAMQTT, Red Lion’s MQTT client, simplifies implementations with pre-configured profiles for AT&T M2X, Amazon AWS IoT,  AutoDesk Fusion Connect and Telenor Connexion.

Customers can connect using a simple drop-down menu to select their cloud platform of choice. Also, using the RAM Software Development Kit (SDK), connectivity can be enabled with additional platforms, including LEC IQ Web SCADA, Set-Point IPwebcontrol, Skkynet Skkyhub, and Telit deviceWISE.

“Our RAM products deliver reliable, secure and scalable connectivity to several leading IIoT cloud providers, giving customers different options and the ability to rapidly establish communications and push data to the cloud,” said Colin Geis, director of product management, IIoT Red Lion Controls. “This gives customers a fast and easy solution for collecting, monitoring and controlling remote assets using MQTT. By adding RAMQTT to the existing Modbus and DNP3 communications capabilities of our RAM products, we are providing customers with even greater flexibility to interact with a broad range of IIoT cloud platforms.”

In addition to cloud integration and cellular connectivity, RAM products also provide a powerful event engine and an integrated I/O database which streamlines the creation and storage of data tags. The combination of cloud connectivity, reliable cellular communication and easy-to-connect cloud support provides customers with a seamless IIoT solution.

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