RealWear sets new standard in remote collaboration for connected industrial workers with HPE alliance

RealWear partnered on Monday with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to incorporate the HPE MyRoom Visual Remote Guidance (VRG) solution into the RealWear HMT-1, its voice-driven, completely hands-free, head-mounted tablet for connected industrial workers. The partnership enables video collaboration between workers and remote experts and specialists regardless of location to solve complex problems and increase safety, efficiency and productivity.

The RealWear HMT-1 is designed for skilled technicians and engineers in field service, equipment inspection, maintenance, and complex manufacturing assembly. Its intuitive, hands-free interface allows voice control of existing Android tablet and smartphone apps. Intended for remote video collaboration, technical documentation, industrial IoT data visualization, assembly and maintenance instructions, and streamlined workflow and inspections, the HMT-1 ushers in a new era of productivity for connected industrial workers.

HPE MyRoom VRG is an encrypted enterprise grade platform that works with smart glass wearable technology and allows users to see through remote eyes and modernize their collaboration experience. It connects devices securely through the cloud enabling real-time voice, video with telestration, and content sharing. Paired with RealWear’s rugged design and connectivity capabilities, the partnership sets a new standard in remote collaboration for heavy industry.

RealWear is a Silicon Valley company building voice-powered, hands-free and fully rugged head-mounted tablet solution for connected industrial workers. Its team of executives and human factors experts hails from the ultra-rugged smartphone, smart glasses micro display and industrial augmented reality spaces, in a bid to design wearable hardware, software, cloud and AI solutions for enterprises in heavy industry.

RealWear’s HMT-1 delivers data from the Industrial IoT to the eyes and ears of the mobile worker, enhancing productivity. Highly experienced remote mentors can now have a direct line to newer or less experienced field employees to coach them on complex inspection and maintenance tasks. Video calls utilize the high performance, 4-axis optically image stabilized auto-focus camera and clear two-way audio. Step-by-step voice and visual work instructions in the line of sight reduce rework and speed assembly.

Designed for heavy industries, the RealWear HMT-1 is exceeding fully rugged norms by going beyond MIL-SPEC 810G specifications and can be dropped onto concrete from a height of 2 meters, and is waterproof against even powerful jets of water. The HMT-1 is built to resist years of exposure to skin oils, sweat and bright sunlight. Its various adjustments remain precise with daily use.

For potentially explosive atmospheres, we will also offer an intrinsically safe model certified for use in the more stringent ATEX Zone 1 and FMC1/D1 categories and their national equivalents in other countries. The unit can be worn directly on the head or clipped to an approved hard hat and works with eyeglasses, safety glasses and safety goggles. The RealWear HMT-1 works standard on-board 3250mAh Lithium Ion battery that can run for a full shift in real world conditions.

“On-worksite remote video collaboration has become an essential ‘knowledge bridging’ tool that will train the emerging millennial workforce and increase productivity by maximizing machine uptime through instantly connecting your experts anywhere in the world at any time of day,” said Andy Lowery, CEO, RealWear. “We’re proud to feature HPE’s MyRoom VRG in the HMT-1. This partnership will enable invaluable collaboration and play a key role in the development of the next generation of industrial workers.”

“Incorporating VRG into the HMT-1 and connecting workers and mentors in challenging environments speaks to the very essence of our solutions,” said Garry Orsolini, Director of Technology–Education Services, HPE Pointnext. “The industry demanded a better way to quickly connect and collaborate to solve issues remotely. Together, HPE and RealWear are fulfilling that need.”


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