Rambus launches R+ DDR4 PHY on GlobalFoundries 14nm LPP process for networking, data center applications

Rambus Inc. announced Tuesday that it has developed an R+ DDR4 PHY on the GlobalFoundries FX-14 ASIC platform using the company’s advanced 14nm Power Plus (LPP) process.

As part of a comprehensive suite of memory and SerDes interface offerings for networking and data center applications, Rambus has achieved the first production-ready 3200 Mbps DDR4 PHY available on GlobalFoundries power-performance optimized 14nm LPP process. The R+ DDR4 PHY is designed to meet the performance and capacity demands of the next wave of data center and networking markets.

The Rambus R+ DDR4/3 memory PHY delivers data rates of up to 3200 Mbps and is compatible with JEDEC standard DDR4, and DDR3. Designed to meet the needs of demanding networking and data center applications, the silicon-proven PHY combines performance and power efficiency with superior design flexibility to provide customers with a differentiated and easy to integrate solution.

The PHY consists of a Command/Address (C/A) macro cell and Data (DQ) macro cells configured to create a 72 bits wide channel. The PHY is delivered as a fully-characterized hard macro and contains necessary components.

The Rambus R+ DDR4 PHY is DFI 4.0 compatible, providing easy integration, and enables customers to differentiate their offerings by providing industry-leading performance while maintaining full compatibility with industry standard DDR4, and DDR3/3L/3U interfaces.

Designed for flexibility, the R+ DDR4 PHY delivers data rates from 800 to 3200 Mbps in multiple memory sub-system options including die down, DIMM, and 3DS. In addition, the PHY supports 16 – 72-bit interfaces, along with single and multi-rank configurations, allowing the end customer to optimize their design for performance, as well as both area and low power.

“As we become more reliant on the cloud and the stresses placed on data centers continues to grow, the need for memory offerings that promise faster speeds and higher bandwidth has never been more important,” said Luc Seraphin, senior vice president and general manager of the Rambus Memory and Interfaces division. “Together with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, we have been able to develop the industry’s first DDR4 PHY on a 14nm LPP process running at 3200 Mbps and capable of achieving the performance requirements of next-generation systems.”

“GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ FX-14 platform, based on our advanced 14nm LPP technology, is designed to support the memory intensive computing tasks in today’s most demanding enterprise applications,” said Kevin O’Buckley, vice president product development GlobalFoundries. “At 3200 Mbps, the R+ DDR4/3 PHY delivers the maximum data rate supported by the standard enabling advanced functionality like simultaneous streaming of Ultra HD content. We look forward to continue collaborating with Rambus as we develop a fully-featured suite of memory products designed to ensure the best performance for today’s data centers.”

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