Rambus, GLOBALFOUNDRIES deliver power efficiency, performance on 22FDX for communications, 5G applications

Rambus Inc., vendor of semiconductor and IP products, announced on Wednesday availability of 32G Multi-protocol SerDes PHY on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX) platform for high-volume, high-performance applications.

Designed to meet the performance requirements of high-speed wireline, wireless 5G infrastructure and data center applications, the SerDes PHY delivers data rates up to 32 Gbps and supports multiple standards including PCIe 4.0, JESD204B/C, CPRI and Ethernet.

The Rambus 32 Gbps Multi-Protocol SerDes (MPS) PHY is a comprehensive IP solution that is optimized for power and area in long-reach channels typical of communications, networking and data center applications.

With high performance and multi-protocol compatibility, the PHYs support data rates from 2.5Gbps to 32Gbps in a range of industry-standard interconnect protocols including PCIe 4.0, JESD204B/C, CPRI, and ethernet. It features application-specific optimization enabled by an efficient and scalable architecture with adaptive and programmable receive equalization, and support for transmit FIR adaptation.

22FDX employs 22nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) technology that delivers FinFET-like performance and energy-efficiency at a cost comparable to 28nm planar technologies. While some applications require the improved performance of three-dimensional FinFET transistors, most wireless devices need a better balance of performance, power consumption and cost.

22FDX provides a path for cost-sensitive applications, and delivers a 20 percent smaller die size and 10 percent fewer masks than 28nm, as well as nearly 50 percent fewer immersion lithography layers than foundry FinFET.

The SerDes interfaces are high-quality, complete PHY solutions that were designed with a system-oriented approach in mind to maximize flexibility and make them easy to integrate. They have been optimized for power and area at peak bandwidth and enable customers to differentiate while maintaining complete compatibility with industry standards.

The SerDes interface includes a range of solutions to meet speed and application needs. Running up to 56 gigabits per second (Gbps), multi-protocol PHYs support server, storage, networking, graphics, and optical and communications applications.

The 28G and 32G multi-protocol SerDes (MPS) PHY is designed with a system-oriented approach, taking the interface, interconnect and channel into account when optimizing performance and features to maximize flexibility in today’s most challenging system environments and applications. These comprehensive high-speed SerDes IP solutions are optimized for power and area in long-reach channels typical of communications, networking and data center applications — making this PHY ideal for challenging high-performance wireline and wireless infrastructure environments.

The Rambus industry-standard interface offerings are high-quality, complete PHY solutions designed with a system-oriented approach to maximize flexibility in challenging system environments.

“Boasting increasingly high performance and network density, Rambus 28G and 32G SerDes will be critical to 5G infrastructure, wireless base stations and remote radio heads, autonomous vehicles, data center optical switches and highly anticipated technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning inferencing, smart cities, and more,” said Hemant Dhulla, vice president and general manager of IP Cores at Rambus. “By developing our high-speed interfaces on GF’s leading 22FDX process, we are able to deliver the high performance alongside reduced power and area required for these applications.”

“Rambus and GF have a long history of delivering leading-edge solutions on our processes,” said John Kent, vice president of IP at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “Working together with Rambus enables us to provide our clients with power and area optimized high-speed SerDes interfaces to deliver leadership system solutions, while maintaining compatibility with industry standards.”

Early access design customers for this PHY can engage with Rambus, and licensing is also currently available.


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