Rambus and Infineon join to bring global smart card and mobile ticketing offerings to push mobility services

Rambus Inc., a technology provider of smart ticketing solutions for public transport, announced Thursday a new collaboration with Infineon Technologies AG, vendor of semiconductor solutions, to jointly promote smart ticketing solutions for mobile and smart cards that will drive the next generation of mobility services worldwide.

Both companies will combine their expertise on the CIPURSE open standard for mobile and smart card ticketing to provide end users comprehensive choice of solutions for future proof transport ticketing solutions.

With extensive experience implementing scalable smart mobile ticketing solutions, Rambus will bring its Host Card Emulation (HCE) Ticket Wallet Service and Remote Ticket Download (RTD) solutions to the collaboration, providing secure download and storage of tickets on NFC-enabled smartphones and the ability to deliver tickets remotely to smartcards.

Along with Infineon’s CIPURSE smart ticketing products, the companies will both be able to better deliver a high level of security for the international smart ticketing market, with mobile and smart card ticketing working in tandem. Using smart cards and smart phones, travelers can store and use their tickets electronically, eliminating the need for traditional paper tickets and enabling users to simply tap their smart card or device on a gate or validator to access their travel.

Smart ticketing technology from Rambus Ecebs combines back-office processing and analytics systems with web portals, mobile applications and smart cards to deliver comprehensive solutions to transport operators, local authorities and PTEs.

Data analytics enable improved profitability and optimization of smart transport schemes through access to real-world travel data, with easy management of transaction data to ensure accurate reimbursements. ITSO certified and interoperable with existing transport providers, Rambus’ smart ticketing solutions are easy to integrate across multiple modes of travel, simplifying customer journeys.

CIPURSE is an open standard supported by a global community of members of the OSPT Alliance. As key supporters and board members of the OSPT Alliance, Rambus and Infineon recognise the trust and integrity CIPURSE provides as a platform upon which to build a flexible and secure interoperable ticketing proposition.

“Through our collaboration with Infineon, we will be able to increase global trust and awareness of the benefits of this open standards-based approach, which can help make public transport ticketing more accessible for all transport scenarios, whether passengers are on rail, bus or ferry,” said Russell McCullagh, vice president and general manager of Rambus Ticketing.

“Our expanded collaboration with Rambus is underlining Infineon’s commitment to open standards-based solutions. Innovative services where smart card-based ticketing is deployed along with mobile solutions on a global scale will improve user convenience and hence drive adoption of new mobility services,” said Bernardo Knoblich, head of Transport Ticketing Product Line of Infineon.

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