Rackspace offers total management for AWS Database Services to reduce operational costs, time to market for customers

Rackspace announced the launch of Rackspace Managed Database Services for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a suite of services designed to accelerate customers’ ability to leverage adoption of Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue and Amazon Athena.

As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, Rackspace has developed an end-to-end data management service designed to help customers architect, integrate, and optimize their environments with the relational database management system, data warehouse, and serverless services on AWS.

Rackspace Managed Database Services for AWS helps customers prepare, load, and query vast sets of data more efficiently and effectively, while reducing operational costs and time to market.

This offering is the latest example of how Rackspace is fulfilling its strategy to deliver modern IT as a service for its customers by offering unbiased expertise, a portfolio of cloud solutions, Fanatical Experience, and agile delivery of IT the way customers want. With its new Managed Database Services for AWS, Rackspace enables customers to store and analyze the rapidly increasing amount of data needed to run their organizations and meet their evolving business needs.

The Rackspace data management service builds on the company’s next generation, value added services for public cloud customers. This offering addresses customers’ key considerations by providing a modular approach with support in several important areas, including complete lifecycle management that provides support for migration, implementation, administration, and optimization of data to allow customers to focus more time and resources on their business, while leveraging these cloud-native data technologies.

It also enhances data analytic capabilities that deliver support for AWS data and business intelligence management services, while also providing ongoing management for flexible, scalable cloud analytics already on AWS. Rackspace services are provided in a modular approach to allow customers to consume the appropriate services at any point in their cloud journey and create customized solutions that enhance their use of AWS’ suite of data services.

Recent research suggests that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created each day, with 90 percent of the data in the world generated in the last two years alone. As the proliferation of data continues, many growing businesses are faced with new considerations as they undergo digital transformation and their data requirements evolve. Businesses are looking for solutions and services to help them migrate, modernize, store, manage, and analyze a variety of datasets growing at an ever-increasing pace.

AWS has built a proven suite of data services designed to provide customers with high performing and pay-as-you-go databases, fast and scalable data warehouses, flexible storage options and enhanced data analytic capabilities. However, many businesses lack the internal resources and expertise needed to implement and manage these services effectively.

“Rackspace has been managing a wide range of databases for decades, and we’re in a unique position to apply our deep expertise to help customers optimize and accelerate their use of Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, and Amazon Athena,” said Ven Shanmugam, general manager, Rackspace Managed Services for AWS. “AWS is continually enhancing its data services, and customers look to us for help designing and implementing these AWS capabilities and solutions.”

“Helping our customers manage their data and analyze it in a way that helps them innovate and drive their business forward is a priority for us,” said Anurag Gupta, vice president, Analytics, Aurora, and RDS, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We’re excited to be working together with Rackspace to deliver greater data management capabilities and a stronger overall experience for our customers.”

Rackspace Managed Database Services for AWS is available now to customers in all AWS regions.


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