Quest Solution introduces IoT cloud based system for asset management of information technology assets

Quest Solution Inc. announced this week that it has developed and installed a real time location system (RTLS) based on a new BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon solution for Information Technology (IT) assets.

Quest considered several architectures and technologies and undertook a detailed benefit analysis comparing various IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), RFID and BLE beacon alternatives. The proposed solution included a dynamic, extensible and secure mesh network infrastructure from Wirepas comes with battery-operated BLE tags. This mesh network proved to be superior, related both to its relatively easy installment and lower infrastructure cost compared to other RFID and BLE hierarchical approaches.

Quest demonstrated that this Wirepas mesh infrastructure could be quickly installed and provide cloud-based tracking of the location and movement of the assets. Quest installed the asset tags and location beacon tags, as well as constructed the interface gateways for the cloud access (completely separate from the customers’ own network for security reasons).  

Additionally, Quest provided training with the asset management cloud software and assisted with API integration plans for their internal analytics systems.

The Proof of Concept was a success. The implementation was carefully planned and the execution was quickly accomplished, with little operational distraction for the customer. A late request was made to include a stock room, which was immediately implemented and verified, all on the last morning of the test, showing when equipment entered and exited the storage area.

“This breakthrough system developed by Quest is in line with our strategic decision to position our Company as a high tech leader and epitomizes what makes Quest different and successful in the multibillion supply chain and logistic markets,” said Shai Lustgarten, president and CEO of Quest Solution. “Working with the IT departments of some of the most prestigious corporations in the U.S. exposes us to opportunities related to their current and future needs, enabling us to initiate and implement innovative solutions for ever growing needs associated with supply chain and logistics management. We have again proven our ability to take leading edge technologies and integrate them with software, services and operational consulting for real-life business solutions, with careful attention to customer goals.”

“We are proud to add this revolutionary system to our portfolio of solutions offerings.  Our initial customer, like other large corporations, has many locations with a fluid office environment for monitors, laptops and other valuable IT assets,” states Greg Canda, director of partner solutions for Quest Solution. “Their challenge is ensuring that all of their equipment is where it should be at all times. They requested a working Proof of Concept, where their goal was to receive quick reporting of any change in IT asset location without the typical resource-intensive frequent cycle counts or a check-in/check-out scanning system.”


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