Qubercomm partners with Energous to launch asset tracking offering powered by RF-based wireless charging technology

Qubercomm Technologies, provider for asset tracking solutions in healthcare, hospitality, retail and warehouse applications, announced Tuesday availability of Locatum asset tracking tags with wireless charging capability that is enabled with WattUp, an RF-based wireless charging technology from Energous.

Locatum represents an approach to asset tracking in decoding the received beacons with Qubercomm’s patent-pending positioning methods to deliver accurate position with near zero latency. The Locatum cloud portal provides device and tag management, and a detailed analytics platform to make real sense of the data.

Locatum tags leverage WattUp RF charging technology from Energous, thereby reducing the overhead to replace batteries. Locatum’s customizable hybrid solution architecture can design and deploy bespoke real-time location systems to flexibly address the localized needs of clients, regardless of use case and or industry problem-space. Its offerings include cloud-based software platform and device agnosticism allow our technology to adapt to specific implementation requirements. and enable enterprise-class location-based applications and analytics solutions.

The Locatum tags’ RF-based wireless charging capabilities support easy drop-and-charge, orientation-free charging of up to 20 units on a single charging pad, while monitoring battery levels of individual tags and managing the distribution of power across devices.

“Adoption of the Internet of Things is predicated on the ease-of-use of solutions. Our WattUp-enabled wireless charging Locatum solution is a powerful enabler, specifically in environments like warehouses, where the tags are in continuous circulation and must remain charged, in hospitals, hotels and casinos where the emergency call buttons need to function 24/7, or in retail environments where space is at a premium,” said Sudarsan Vasudevan, CEO of Qubercomm. “Our truly disruptive solution is built for industrial use and assures customers that their tags have sufficient power at all times.”

“The key challenges to any locationing technologies are accuracy, latency, manageability and battery life. Qubercomm’s expertise and IP enables us to address the challenges of accuracy, latency and manageability to make Locatum the preferred choice for our customers. Now partnering with Energous, we are addressing the final frontier of battery life as well,” said Senthil Kumar Balasubramanian, CTO of Qubercomm.

“As the leader in wireless charging 2.0, we have developed a highly scalable technology that can be scaled up to increase power or down to reduce footprint, depending on the specific needs of our customers applications,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, CEO of Energous Corporation. “Partnering with an industry leader like Qubercomm to bring a state-of-the-art asset tracking system to market represents another milestone for the company as we continue to roll out our WattUp technology on a global basis across a number of rapidly expanding vertical markets.”


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