PTC unveils Kinex, its new generation offering of industrial IoT applications built on ThingWorx

PTC launched Thursday a new Kinex product line that will consist of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This new generation of IoT apps will enable companies to simplify their digital transformation and accelerate time to value. Kinex role-based applications are designed to unify data from enterprise systems and the sensored physical world, and deliver user information and insight in context to enable users to improve decision making and performance.

The Kinex applications, built on the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform, will enable users to change how products are designed, manufactured, serviced and experienced.

These applications unify data from enterprise IT systems, including PLM and ERP systems, with sensor data from products and physical assets to wrap and extend existing investments to new users and business processes. It also delivers information and insight in context to improve decision making speed and performance; are role-based and deploy in hours, not weeks, increasing the speed of adoption and time to value; and comes built on ThingWorx making it easy to extend and add functionality and features to match the business’s unique requirements.

PTC will be releasing additional Kinex applications, built on PTC’s ThingWorx IoT platform. The development capabilities of ThingWorx enable partners and customers to add functionality and features that extend the Kinex applications to meet business requirements.

The first application branded under the Kinex product family is the Kinex Navigate application. Kinex Navigate has seen rapid adoption, with more than 125,000 seats sold to date. Kinex Navigate allows stakeholders across the company to access and use product data sourced from multiple systems of record in a simple, modern, role-based interface.

Leveraged with PTC’s Windchill system for smart, connected PLM, the Kinex Navigate app breaks down silos in the product lifecycle with simple and easy universal data access. Stakeholders in the product’s lifecycle have access to accurate and up-to-date product information, enabling users to drive better product decisions.

“Data from medical device manufacturers resides in multiple business systems. By leveraging the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform and Kinex Navigate solution, KPIT is able to aggregate data from various business systems and apply our business process and medical device expertise to bring useful role-based apps to the market,” said David Bartlett, North America Head, Extended PLM, KPIT.

“Kinex role-based applications will enable customers to rapidly adopt and realize value from their digital transformation initiatives,” said Peter Vescuso, chief customer journey officer, PTC. “Kinex Navigate is seeing increased adoption in the market as companies look to leverage the Industrial IoT to improve their competitive advantage and increase the value delivered to their customers. As we work with hundreds of our global manufacturing customers worldwide, we understand the challenges and technology requirements that Industrial IoT presents. We will deliver more new and innovative Kinex applications that support and enable Industrial IoT initiatives.”

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