PTC, EPAM join to offer vertical-specific IoT offerings to boost application development

PTC announced this week that EPAM Systems will blend its extensive engineering and integration capabilities with PTC’s ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) platform to build and offer IoT solutions across various verticals, including financial services, life sciences and healthcare, and retail and distribution.

ThingWorx’s open IoT platform and rapid application development capabilities will be used by EPAM to complement its full end-to-end IoT service capabilities, from industrial design and low-level programming of connected devices to infrastructure, middleware, and integration capabilities.

The rapid increase of IoT devices and the rise of data generated by these devices have led many businesses to look for solution providers that can provide cost-effective and easily adaptable IoT applications to fit their specific needs. ThingWorx and EPAM are partnering to develop vertical-focused IoT solutions for end customers in the areas of product development, data and analytics.

ThingWorx Foundation is the heart of the ThingWorx IoT platform. It enables innovators to rapidly create and deploy game-changing applications, solutions and experiences for today’s smart, connected world. The IoT Platform enables users to connect, create, analyze and experience “things” in new ways.

With ThingWorx, users can connect any device in the ecosystem to the platform; natively integrate with major cloud platform providers to take advantage of the cloud services alongside the platform; remove complexity and develop IoT applications and solutions without limits; automate complex big data analytics using integrated machine learning; extend and share innovation with other IoT developers; and deploy solutions to meet the needs of the market – cloud, on-premise and embedded options meet the needs of every use case.

“Innovative service and engineering companies like EPAM understand that every business could be an IoT business and, as such, are using ThingWorx technology to create new growth opportunities that pave the way for the next generation of industrial products,” said Rob Gremley, president, Technology Platform Group, PTC.

“As a part of our evolving IoT service practice, EPAM is investing in a blueprinted approach to enabling machine-to-machine transactions through a robust architecture and real-time data processing,” said Eli Feldman, CTO, Advanced Technology, EPAM. “Partnering with PTC and leveraging ThingWorx allows us to better enable our clients to improve their time to value on IoT investments.”

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