Procurant debuts IoT Edge Gateway for food industry; links remote sensor data directly to critical business processes

Procurant announced Wednesday release of ProcurantEdge, an IoT (Internet of Things) gateway that links remote sensing, data collection and analysis from any type of sensor to key business processes for order management and food safety across the food supply chain. 

Procurant Edge is a comprehensive, integrated solution for organizations struggling to make meaningful use of the increasing amount of data generated by a growing number of IoT devices across their supply chain.

The proliferation of IoT devices in recent years has created new challenges for companies as those sensors deliver increasing amounts of data, often in fragmented, disconnected systems. Typical edge gateways collect data for a single type of sensor and pass that data on to proprietary cloud portals for reporting and analysis, requiring users to access multiple systems to get a comprehensive view of their data.

In contrast, ProcurantEdge is a single, integrated system enabling the intelligent processing of data from many sensor types at the point of collection, with the ability to record critical data to blockchain or trigger exception reporting and threshold alerts. In addition, Procurant Edge seamlessly integrates with supply chain order management processes to enhance overall supply chain visibility and food safety.

ProcurantEdge is a complete service IoT solution available as a subscription that includes onsite assessment by Procurant IoT technicians; edge gateway device(s); remote sensing devices; Procurant cloud account for extended integrations, reporting and remote configuration; and the ability to store data in a blockchain.

ProcurantEdge is part of a continuum of solutions from Procurant that leverage a single, global platform designed for the unique requirements of the food industry.

All Procurant solutions benefit from the strengths of a shared infrastructure that includes scalability at consumer performance levels on all layers, from the user interface to business logic to storage; mobile functionality as an integral part of the platform, with a focus on managing by exception; and blockchain optimized with a hybrid approach that flexibly interacts with multiple blockchain platforms. The result is a platform that helps farmers, producers, shippers, distributors and retailers in their strategic planning as well as their day-to-day supply chain processes.

“Today’s sensor-based IoT systems generate massive amounts of information, but cost-effectively managing that information and making use of it to drive business results has been challenging. ProcurantEdge solves that problem with an integrated approach that makes sensor data much more useful, particularly in the area of food safety,” said Kevin Brooks, chief marketing officer, Procurant.

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