Prime Factors aligns with nCipher Security for data protection offerings to meet growing compliance demands

Application-level data protection company Prime Factors announced a commercial and technical partnership with nCipher Security, an Entrust Datacard company, and provider of trust, integrity and control for business critical information and applications. Together Prime Factors and nCipher will help customers address data security governance needs and comply with stringent new data protection regulations, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Prime Factors will resell nCipher security solutions in conjunction with its application-level data protection software, EncryptRIGHT and will formally join the nCipher nFinity Partner Program as a technical integration and testing partner.

As global businesses embrace the cloud, internet of things (IoT), blockchain and digital payments, more data than ever is being used in higher-level applications that are exposed and more susceptible to breaches. This reinforces the need for application-level data protection that supports collaboration while mitigating internal and external threats as well as accidental disclosures. 

At the same time new data protection regulations around the world are forcing organizations to re-examine their data security governance strategies. In many cases, they are opting for comprehensive solutions that offer software encryption together with a hardened, tamper-resistant hardware environment for an additional layer of security. 

According to the 2019 Global Encryption Trends Study, almost half (45 percent) of organizations now have an encryption strategy applied consistently across their enterprise and 47 percent of organizations deploy hardware security modules (HSMs).

“We believe that protecting sensitive information at the application layer, while maintaining control over data protection policies, roles and access, and the cryptographic keys, is absolutely the right answer when it comes to avoiding unauthorized access and ‘subpoena-proofing’ sensitive data in the cloud,” said Henry Cheli, chief executive officer, Prime Factors. “This is inherent in the DNA of our EncryptRIGHT product, which can be quickly applied to virtually any application or system to provide data encryption, tokenization, and data-masking, while providing ample key management capabilities. When we couple our technology with a hardware security module like nCipher’s nShield HSM, we are uniquely positioned to provide a best-in-class, turn-key solution to meet our customers’ application-level data protection needs.”     

“While organizations around the world are turning to new digital initiatives to drive their businesses forward, these initiatives can increase security risks,” said Cindy Provin, SVP Entrust Datacard and general manager nCipher Security. “While no organization is completely immune to the threat of a security breach, implementing strong data encryption is a critical safeguard that will protect both information assets and an organization’s reputation. nCipher’s collaboration with Prime Factors gives customers the necessary trust, integrity and control over their business-critical information and applications, and helps them meet the growing list of data protection regulations.”

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