Presto Engineering offers high-volume wafer-level test for Maja Systems wireless data-center connectivity offerings

Presto Engineering, provider to semiconductor and Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturers, and Maja Systems, a designer of millimeter wave (mmWave) connectivity and sensing solutions, jointly announce their collaboration in comprehensive wafer-level ATE for the Maja AirData family of terabit connectivity and data transport solutions.

The Maja AirData family of terabit connectivity solutions, based on the MW-6022 single-chip mmWave CMOS transceiver IC and the SPL-100 compact SMT mmWave antenna, solve the terabit wireless data transport problem, addressing data center, wireless, mmWave, and optical transport applications.

The MW-6022 single-chip 60GHz CMOS transceiver radio with integrated ADC/DAC and Modem for both indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity. The enhanced MW6022 now supports data rates up to 4.25 Gbps with a power consumption of less than 350 mW.

Maja Systems delivers mmWave CMOS gigabit wireless connectivity and sensing products: where 5G meets IoT. Maja’s customers build solutions for data center and enterprise connectivity, industrial systems, automotive, and wireless HD-Video platforms.

Presto Engineering provides outsourced operations for semiconductor and IoT device companies, helping its customers minimize overhead, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market. The company is a recognized expert in the development of industrial solutions for RF, analog, mixed-signal and secured applications – from tape-out to delivery of finished goods. Presto’s proprietary, highly-secure manufacturing and provisioning solution, coupled with extensive back-end expertise, gives its customers a competitive advantage. The company offers a global, flexible, dedicated framework, with headquarters in the Silicon Valley, and operations across Europe and Asia.

“Presto’s special expertise in high-volume mmWave RF test was essential in bringing terabit connectivity to the market efficiently,” said Joy Laskar, CTO and SVP of Maja Systems. “They were able to develop a solution that provides reliable testing at the speeds and costs we need, and in a time frame that let us hit our market window.”

“Scalable high-volume, high-frequency RF test solutions, like this one for Maja, will be critical for the industry to achieve the billion plus annual unit volumes projected for mmWave devices by 2020,” said Michel Villemain, CEO, Presto Engineering. “We have developed custom solutions that allow us to use existing ATE, that have already been proven at volumes exceeding millions of units per year and can scale to meet projected demand.”

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