Announces 2021 IoT Czar of the Year Award (™)

The inaugural Internet of Things (IoT) Czar of the Year Awards (™) for 2021 celebrate the often-overlooked IT practitioners who are driving the IoT market

With the global IoT market boasting billions of connected devices and projected to grow to 50 billion devices within five years, it’s safe to wager that IoT has officially become mainstream. Indeed, IoT has brought unprecedented efficiencies across various sectors, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Smart Buildings, and Consumer. And while there are countless vendors providing breathtakingly innovative solutions that lend vast value to organizations across the globe, it’s the IT practitioners who are often the unsung heroes, working hard to make everything happen behind the scenes.

IoT Innovator is committed to recognizing these prized practitioners with its inaugural IoT Czar of the Year Awards, which will see our judging panel select the Top 50 Czars of 2021 from across the globe.

IoT practitioners at all levels – individual, manager or executive – with technical or business acumen are eligible and anyone is invited to submit nominees for award consideration. There are no fees to nominate individuals and applications can be found here.

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All nominees and winners will be prominently showcased on the IoT Innovator website; promoted via email and social media channels, and be given press templates as well as branded IoT Innovator award icons for use on their sites. Winners will be given the opportunity to order a customized plaque or medal to commemorate their specific award.

Winners will also have the option to commission an article authored by IoT Innovator’s editor-in-chief that will highlight both their achievements and their company’s achievements with their company, which will significantly maximize the exposure of their win.

For more information about the 2021 IoT Innovator Awards, including submission guidelines, visit the IoT Innovator Awards page.

The deadline to apply for the IoT Czar of the Year Award (™) is January 15th, 2022. Winners will be announced on February 4th, 2022. 

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