Portnox debuts IoT Radar for real-time connected device security and management on any network for maximum control

Portnox announced Portnox CORE Spring Version, an on-premise, software-based network access control solution that allows CISOs and IT managers to see, control and automate any device, on any network, from any location including remote sites. This visibility becomes critical as device and user discovery must be managed continuously to ensure security across an enterprise network, without the use of any agent software.

With IoT Radar, CISOs, IT and network administrators will benefit from instant visibility that offer broad visibility of any devices including mobile phones, laptops and other connected gadgets, such as printers, as well as devices that might be hard to detect and fall below the radar. With instantly seeing all devices connected to the network in real time, Portnox CORE enables simplified, user friendly management of all network devices through one management dashboard. This allows users to distill key network security threats, as well as issue, manage and report on the security of the network.

The offering can also monitor and detect compromised devices in real time, including IoT, allows users to know if there are any potential security risks to address immediately via alerts or immediate actions. It also offers improved automated policy decision making in an agentless world, any piece of information being collected from and about the devices helps reduce false positive decisions that could compromise a network and its business.

With an estimated 30 billion connected devices to be deployed across the globe by 2020, the promise of a global Internet of Things is fast approaching, posing a whole new level of threats to connected organizations. New in Portnox CORE is IoT Radar, a major feature that provides instant, full insight and information on connected device endpoints and their behavior in real-time, including the operating system, open ports, running services and changes in those data points. For example, IoT devices include smart TVs, Chromecast, Roku and other media players, as well as IP cameras, printers, smartphones and tablets.

“We believe IoT Radar will offer tremendous value to prospects and existing customers by giving them full visibility in real time, all the time, for all of their network devices,” said Ofer Amitai, CEO, Portnox. “IoT Radar will be the cornerstone of Portnox’s CORE infrastructure for future IoT security related capabilities. To address the growing concern and need for IoT security, we will be adding IoT Radar to the full Portnox product suite in the future.”

Additionally, CORE 3.0 delivers new and improved UX/UI, providing CISOs with ease-of-use and ease-of-management. In the new dashboards, CISOs will be able to see managed devices, BYOD, mobile and IoT devices on the network, all through one management dashboard and with one click.

The new GUI introduces additional screens that are network centric, as well device centric. Furthermore, the improved UX module brings easy navigation in comparison to other experiences such as jumping from one screen to another. With this new capability, security officers can navigate through the flow of object and policy entity creation.


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