Portnox CORE Network Access Management offering boosts visibility with HPE Security ArcSight integration

Portnox announced on Tuesday its integration certification with HPE Security ArcSight ESM for its on-premise Network Access Management (NAM) solution, Portnox CORE. Portnox CORE traverses all networking layers – wired, wireless, VPN, virtual and even cloud resources – to provide companies of all sizes with visibility, analysis, and control over all connected users and devices.

Portnox CORE is a software based network access control solution and the most mature technology in the market. Its patented technology is used to see, control and automate any device, any network, anywhere. Its innovative technology secures risk challenges organizations face in a smart and simple way.

Unlike most other solutions, Portnox does not require appliances, agent software, 802.1X or changes to existing networking infrastructure such as mirror or span ports. It supports existing networking infrastructure and is adept at handling a variety of devices with varying levels of IP support.

In essence, Portnox is a software based solution that runs on Windows Server (2008R2 or 2012) to continually communicate with all existing networking infrastructure to gain complete visibility into all assets currently connected to the network. This is achieved through a variety of connectivity options including SNMP, telnet, and SSH.

The value of NAM is being able to proactively take enforcement actions for those devices that do not belong on corporate networks or are not within security or compliance risk tolerance.

Portnox CORE provides a real-time view and control for any connected hardware including servers, PCs, smartphones, IoT devices, printers, cameras, and more. The integration with HPE Security ArcSight ESM will provide customers with real-time device visibility and control.

“Organizations of all sizes should have real-time clear visibility and control of all devices connecting to their network. We’re thrilled that HPE recognizes Portnox CORE as an effective network access management and remediation service,” said Ofer Amitai, CEO, Portnox. “With the growth of IoT devices in the enterprise, vulnerabilities are at an all-time high. We aim to provide a software that can secure all devices across a network, granting full visibility, and addressing problems quickly and easily.”

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