Polte releases US commercial beta launch of mobile IoT location platform in move to assist future of the next billion connected things

Polte announced Monday commercial beta launch of its mobile IoT location platform, allowing enterprises and developers of IoT solutions early access to the best cellular-based location solution.

Polte’s Strategic Partner Program (SPP) allows early adopters to get a head start on integrating C-LoC into their products and solutions. SPP members will have access to Polte-enabled Mobile IoT devices, direct engineering support, plus the Polte Cloud API.

Polte will work hands-on with SPP members during their development and deployment phases to take full advantage of how C-LoC can improve their supply chain management, loss reduction, pallet tracking, spoilage prevention and many more use cases.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Polte is a provider in cloud location over cellular (C-LoC) solutions. Leveraging 4G and 5G Mobile IoT signals, Polte’s cloud-based platform powers Internet of Things (IoT) devices with real-time location determination as they move between indoor and outdoor environments.

Polte’s C-LoC location solution enables IoT solution providers to eliminate the need for GPS / GNSS radios by leveraging globally available Mobile IoT networks. In addition to providing wide-area outdoor coverage from rural to dense urban, Polte’s location solution offers highly accurate tracking indoors, even when objects are inside vehicles or in shipping containers.

Polte’s cloud-based, secure chip-to-cloud software solution enables unprecedented reach for locating things wherever they are.

Early interest in the program has already garnered the attention of major fleet management firms, beverage manufacturers, large-scale manufacturing and consumer/wearables companies.

“Mobile IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M/ Cat-M, 4G LTE) networks are rolling out globally, and together with Polte’s C-LoC, we enable a whole new category of low-cost, long battery life devices with location that outperforms what is available on the market today,” said Polte CEO Ed Chao. “Through the SPP, starting in select regions of the US, companies have an opportunity to get a head start on creating highly differentiated IoT solutions.” Chao finished by saying, “We’re excited to work with other innovative companies that want to fundamentally change what’s possible with Mobile IoT.”

Polte is now taking applications for its Strategic Partner Program.

Last week, Polte collaborated with GeoTraq to embed Polte location technologies into two new GeoTraq NB-IoT / LTE-M modules: the Tracker-Module GT-TM100 and Sensor-Module GT-SM100. Polte’s C-LoC location solution enables GeoTraq to eliminate the need for GPS / GNSS radios by leveraging globally available mobile IoT (NB-IoT and LTE-M) networks.

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