PetPace delivers smart IoT pet health monitoring collar to detect hyperthyroidism in an asymptomatic cat

PetPace, provider of IoT collar for remote real-time monitoring and analysis of pet vital signs and activity, released findings of a feline hyperthyroidism medical case study, which details how the PetPace collar facilitated an early diagnosis and contributed to a favorable outcome of hyperthyroidism in a completely asymptomatic cat.

The PetPace patented, non-invasive, monitoring collar improves the pet’s health and well-being by wirelessly tracking its vitals and a range of physical and behavioral parameters.

Hyperthyroidism is a hormonal disorder caused by excess production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, which is located in the neck. It is a relatively common disease in older cats. Since thyroid hormones regulate metabolism and a wide variety of processes in the body, almost any organ can be affected and clinical signs vary. The disease is insidiously progressive, and is often detected and diagnosed only after serious alterations occur, such as weight loss and damage to internal organs.


Many chronic diseases, including hyperthyroidism, progress slowly and insidiously over time. The PetPace collar can provide early indications of changes in individual health status and alert pet owners. This enables owners to consult their veterinarian to determine the root of the problem and provide timely relief before major complications develop.

Symptoms are typically detected relatively late in the course of the disease, even by dedicated and astute owners. Early detection of chronic diseases is facilitated by non-specific changes in trends data and the analytics provided by PetPace.

The PetPace wearable device measures vital signs in dogs and cats, provides full and direct access for the vet, generates real-time alerts and is backed by a powerful analytical engine. It was developed by expert veterinarians, tested extensively, and is used by leading veterinary hospitals in the US.

The device provides health alerts when Petpace detects a cause for concern; temperature thag help detect fever or hyperthermia; pulse that monitors pulse rate to identify low or high pulse rate and pulse irregularities. It also monitors respiratory rate and detect abnormalities in the pet’s breathing, while keeping tabs on the postures that the pet is taking to help detect pain, medical and behavior problems.


The smart device also monitors the pet’s activity and any deviation from normal trends, while tracking calories burned to evaluate activity or use in a weight management program. Petpace is also a pet monitor that lets users collaborate with the vet and share pet’s health information to receive the best possible care. The PetPace health monitoring wearable tech can be used for both dogs and cats of any size – making it adaptable for a cat, small dog or even a great dane, so that the right size smart collar is available.

“The data provided by the PetPace collar was what prompted us to thoroughly examine a presumably healthy cat,” said Cari Bowlin, medical director at Southern Tier Veterinary Associates. “It enabled a timely diagnosis of a serious disease and turned my staff into believers in this innovative technology.”

“The PetPace collar enables clinics to run routine periodic screening of their clients, for example as part of an annual work-up,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Canine and Feline practice), and PetPace’s Chief Veterinarian. “This can be invaluable in early detection of chronic diseases and – as exemplified in this case – can dramatically improve pet health.”

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