People Power Pro Security launches with bot-enabled AI, hacker-resistant home gateway

People Power, an Internet of Things (IoT) software company, unveiled Monday People Power Pro Security, a white-label home security solution designed to help digital service providers — such as utilities, telecoms, cable operators and manufacturers — bring valuable smart home services to their customers.

People Power Pro Security allows them to employ new bot services, designed for faster construction and implementation of smart home intelligence, and the People Power IoT Gateway, which delivers improved levels of internet security for IoT deployments. Its offerings strengthen the company’s ability to build and deploy bot-enabled smart home IoT systems.

The solution includes an array of expandable hardware products and advanced sensors to accelerate time-to-market delivery of consumer IoT programs. Pro Security is easy for consumers to install with iOS or Android-based smartphone apps, and offers optional 24/7 professional monitoring.

Built for digital service providers, People Power Pro Security is a white-label solution that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies through the use of bots. Bots are micro-services that constantly listen to and understand real-time data streams from a user’s life to learn patterns and produce more intelligent outcomes.

The Pro Security incorporates a collection of bot solutions for today’s most intelligent smart home IoT deployments, including CP-01 False Alarm Reduction Bot that implements CP-01 ANSI/SIA standards for false-alarm reduction of professionally monitored security systems; entry sensor intelligence bot that adds intelligence to entry sensors to eliminate false alarms, fixing a $100M industry problem; and motion sensor intelligence bot that learns the characteristics of each individual motion sensor and provides feedback for reliable do-it-yourself installs.

It also includes preventative maintenance bot that notifies administrators of hardware problems like battery, signal strength or defective devices to proactively enhance the customer experience; the thinking out loud bot that communicates why the bot made certain decisions, and delivers weekly health reports on the home, and the leak sensor intelligence bot that provides professional monitoring of water leaks, without waking users in the middle of the night.

Included in the Pro Security solution is the People Power IoT Gateway. The gateway incorporates NewSky Security’s most advanced hacker-resistant device security technology, and answers the need for a home internet gateway with extraordinary levels of internet security for IoT systems. The technology applies an AI-based solution that actively learns and enforces expected patterns of network traffic, identifying and remedying suspicious and potentially overwhelming network activities and anomalies.

The People Power gateway is capable of protecting against the smallest and most lethal IoT security threats, and secure gateway solution for IoT deployments.

People Power’s IoT Gateway is a commercially available ZigBee 3.0 hyper-compatible gateway for intelligent homes. It provides simplified IoT deployments with a wide array of connected device possibilities. Integrating with Pro Security to drive recurring service revenues, the gateway incorporates multiple home networking technologies, including ZigBee 3.0, BLE 4.1, WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, and optional Z-Wave and cellular.

Designed to incorporate emerging technologies, the gateway features both local Micro SD storage and USB 2.0 for expansion. The IoT Gateway is currently deployed in select IoT programs and available for white-label deployments under partner brands.

“Smart homes are dumb compared to what they need to be — conscious homes,” said David Moss, president and CTO of People Power. “In the same way mobile app developers create new features for smartphones, now bot developers can create new features, services and experiences for every internet-connected device. Our IoT software suite and People Power IoT Gateway allows developers, manufacturers and digital service providers to deliver valuable new services and experiences for homes and buildings.”

People Power recently announced the launch of its IoT Suite, which enables rapid connection, engagement, delivery and management of IoT projects for businesses to deliver connected lifestyle improvements to their customers. The IoT Suite is used by several of large digital service providers in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

People Power is also providing developer access to the new People Power Bot Lab and Bot Server to explore the creation of new services for smart homes and buildings. Bot Lab is an environment for adding new micro-services to existing devices or data sources. This enables outcomes that appeal to specific customer needs, allowing for valuable and timely service updates that address growing market opportunities. The service is complemented by People Power’s IoT Suite’s connectivity software, Presto.

It provides free hosting to cloud-enable any IoT device from concept through commercial development. This allows businesses and manufacturers to integrate differentiating new features and services into legacy or in-market products.

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