People Power debuts Artificial Intelligence-based microservice for HVAC fault detection

Adding to the company’s lineup of Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) microservices for the energy industry, People Power, the Internet of Things (IoT) software company providing white-label solutions for home security, energy and care service, announced on Monday its new HVAC Fault Detection Microservice.

Designed to alert residents to performance and mechanical problems in their heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, the microservice detects inefficiencies around the clock before repairs become potentially costly. Available to consumers as a low-cost microservice through energy providers’ smart home offerings, the system warns if target temperatures for heating or cooling are not achieved within a learned period of time.

Working with a range of connected thermostats, including Honeywell Lyric, ecobee, Centralite Pearl, Sensibo Sky, ZEN thermostats, RCS thermostats and Radio Thermostat of America, the microservice notifies residents, property managers, repair professionals and energy providers of observed HVAC performance issues. It works with any connected thermostat and outdoor weather data to understand heating or cooling performance troubles that typically go unnoticed.

People Power’s HVAC Fault Detection Microservice knows when HVAC has not reached thermal targets within learned time period; sends in-app notifications and email alerts of problematic performance issues; and notifies customer support or repair services during warranty coverage period. It also integrates with professional monitoring call centers for value-added services; and reminds users of manufacturer recommended service and filter replacements. It is also compatible with a range of connected thermostats, and works with a variety of other People Power energy microservices.

The patent pending HVAC Fault Detection Microservice adds to People Power’s lineup of energy-centric offerings that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) for energy providers through the company’s white-label smart home services.

“The key to reducing costly HVAC repairs comes from knowing when those systems are performing inefficiently. Something as simple as low refrigerant levels in an AC system can lead to repairs or replacements costing several thousand dollars – not to mention the wasted electricity,” said David Moss, CTO of People Power. “This monthly subscription microservice can potentially save consumers big money on repair and energy costs, while functioning quietly in the background of their lives with 24-hour protection.”


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