PCTEL and Ranplan integrate to streamline wireless networks alongside existing cellular, Wi-Fi, public safety networks

PCTEL and Ranplan announced Thursday integration of Ranplan Professional with PCTEL’s SeeHawk Touch data collection software to streamline in-building wireless network design, planning and optimization. The next generation of wireless networks will incorporate new technologies such as 5G alongside existing cellular, Wi-Fi, and public safety networks.

Together, SeeHawk Touch and Ranplan Professional enable onsite engineers to measure, model and visualize complex interactions between these technologies. The combined system will support network design and planning for a wide range of wireless technologies, including 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-A, CBRS, LAA, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, P25, and 5G New Radio.

PCTEL is a global supplier of antennas and wireless network testing solutions. Its precision antennas are deployed in small cells, enterprise Wi-Fi access points, fleet management and transit systems, and in equipment and devices for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The company offer in-house design, testing, radio integration and manufacturing capabilities for customers.

PCTEL’s test and measurement tools improve performance of wireless networks globally, with a focus on LTE, public safety, and emerging 5G technologies. Network operators, neutral hosts, and equipment manufacturers rely on scanning receivers and testing solutions to analyze, design and optimize their networks.

Ranplan Wireless is a wireless technology company that can plan, design and optimize inbuilding and outdoor wireless networks in coordination. Its solutions enable the building of an ecosystem of companies that deploy the next generation of wireless networks for a range of applications in urban environments, supporting multiple technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G, Wifi and IoT.

SeeHawk Touch and Ranplan Professional allow engineers to make immediate assessments and adjustments. SeeHawk Touch software collects and analyzes real-world RF data from PCTEL’s scanning receivers. Ranplan Professional incorporates this data into advanced 3D visualizations and network propagation modeling. An upgrade to SeeHawk Touch will be released allowing Touch and Ranplan Professional to work together seamlessly.

“SeeHawk Touch and Ranplan Professional will enable network operators and building owners to prepare for a wide variety of uses, including emergency response, industrial IoT deployments, smart building automation, and even virtual reality,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s COO. “PCTEL’s scanning receivers provide the complete and accurate data that engineers need to solve today’s complex RF problems,” added Bharadwaj.

“SeeHawk Touch and PCTEL scanning receiver data complement Ranplan’s ability to model the complex interactions between indoor and outdoor wireless environments,” said Alastair Williamson, Ranplan’s CEO. “Ranplan’s innovative modeling incorporates key components of the HetNet, including hybrid indoor/outdoor, macro, small cell, DAS, Wi-Fi, and backhaul.”


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