Parsable boosts digital transformation for industrial companies; improves digital workflows for deskless industrial workers

Parsable announced Tuesday several product enhancements to strengthen and accelerate digital transformation at industrial companies, from the top floor to the shop floor. These features make it easier to accurately execute, measure and improve frontline work, while extending the platform’s integration capabilities with other systems.

Parsable’s enterprise-class, mobile-first Connected Worker Platform provides extremely granular visibility into human-led work done across industrial operations. The new enhancements make it significantly easier for industrial companies to increase user adoption and capture the critical data insights that are essential to successful continuous improvement, and deliver product and service excellence.

The new features include Applets for Systems, Input Triggers, Enhanced Web Execution and Navigation Redesign, Custom Colors in Mobile App.

Companies can now connect Parsable with their overall operations environment by creating API integrations with other existing systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices — like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, manufacturing execution system (MES) or IoT-enabled sensor — or even developing new functionality within the Parsable platform.

Workflow tasks within the Parsable platform – like launching a job, adding steps to an active job or sending notifications – can also be automated using Applets, allowing end users to perform their jobs faster and with greater confidence. 

Input Triggers make work execution more efficient and reduce confusion about what to do next if something unexpected occurs. Digital procedures can now be designed to dynamically change and respond to real-time inputs made by operators, based on simple “if/then” conditional rules
For instance, if an operator types in a temperature value that is out of an expected range, an Input Trigger can validate in real time whether it is an abnormal temperature reading, and then launch a different set of actions, such as automatically displaying an alert for the operator or sending an email to a supervisor.

Operators who access Parsable through a browser will now see new functionality in the Web Execution app, enabling them to perform their work more quickly and easily. They can make updates to active jobs, such as adding steps, step-groups and templates, as well as notify other users assigned to a step, with a single click.

A new, streamlined navigation menu makes it easier for users to get things done within the platform and reinforces the company’s commitment to bringing consumer-grade, user-friendly design to the enterprise. Additionally, Parsable’s mobile app can now be customized with a company’s corporate colors to ensure brand continuity and improve reading clarity.

“Every day we think about how we can accelerate end-to-end industrial transformation for our customers and help drive positive change for their frontline workers through our Connected Worker Platform,” said Michael Chou, Parsable’s chief product officer. “These new features are the result of our commitment to make sure the world’s deskless industrial workers have the best digital tools to perform at the highest levels of productivity and quality, as safely as possible.”

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