Pandemic Helps Boost IoT Usage

Inmarsat, a mobile satellite communications provider, states in a research report that IoT and IIoT usage was boosted during the pandemic.

The company surveyed 450 professionals from different industries to learn their plans and insights on IoT applications in their workplaces. 

Inmarsat’s research reveals that 77% have now fully deployed at least one IoT project, with almost half of those surveyed achieving a significant milestone in 2020. The rest are either testing their IoT projects or plan to deploy one in the next year and a half.

Eighty-four percent of survey respondents are speeding up their IoT adoption to cope with the effects of the pandemic. In fact, COVID-19 opened their eyes to the importance of IoT.

“Those businesses implementing IoT technologies ahead of their competition and across their value chains are those who stand to win in the long-term,” Mike Carter, who serves as Inmarsat’s president, said. “(IoT also produced) significant uplifts in efficiency, sustainability and safety across global supply chains,” he added.

“Connectivity, data management, skills shortages, security threats, and investment levels remain challenges as the world’s production and supply chains become increasingly digitalized and intertwined,” Carter concluded.

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