Otosense now part of Samsung Artik Partner Program to boost IoT applications with open, secure recognition platform

Otosense announced Wednesday that it has joined the Samsung Artik Partner Program, to offer customers a new sound recognition platform that has been optimized, pretested and verified to work with the Samsung Artik smart IoT platform.

The Samsung Partner Program provides the framework that establishes partnerships as part of the ecosystem pillar of the Artik end-to-end platform. For customers and developers looking to accelerate their IoT solution, Artik partners offer services and technologies that can help save valuable time during the product development cycle.

Otosense is an infrastructure software company offering a deep-learning based sound recognition software platform that enables enterprise customers to build value through sound intelligence. The world’s first software to make sense of sounds. The software recognizes sounds to act upon real world events in real time.

For the Otosense software platform, the Samsung Artik platform enables enormous markets such as machine monitoring, smart city and home monitoring applications to grow exponentially. Otosense provides expertise in deep learning through their Otosense Edge based software and Otosense Cloud based software, providing the maximum flexibility to for Artik users and Otosense customers.

Samsung Artik unifies hardware, software, cloud, security, and partner ecosystem in a single integrated offering; hides the inherent complexity of IoT behind easy to use, open, and enterprise grade APIs, SDKs and tools; and allows any device to interact with any third party device, app, or service. Using Samsung ARTIK modules, cloud APIs, and tools, enterprises can bring new IoT solutions to market, tap into new revenue streams, and grow their business.

Artik empowers developers with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, extensive documentation and rich tools. It hides the complexity inherent in IoT behind open, enterprise-grade APIs. It provides end-to-end security and data protection that starts at the hardware level, securely on-boards new devices, and extends to cloud and device interactions with the ecosystem.

Artik’s scalable, enterprise-grade platform is kept up-to-date with the latest technologies, best practices, and connectors to various devices and services.

“We are excited to launch our sound recognition software platform on the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform,” said Sebastien Christian, Founder and CEO of Otosense. “The Samsung team has been exceptional in their ability to not only provide a top notch hardware platform, but a fully integrated solution, ready to take to market immediately.”

“We believe it’s important to provide as many tools and building blocks that work on the SAMSUNG ARTIK platform so that developers can focus on designing the features and breakthrough technologies that set them apart in the market,” said Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystems, Samsung Electronics.” Otosense is a great example of this and testament to leveraging an open platform and ecosystem for the larger developer community to create new and compelling user experiences.”


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