Osram’s Digital Lumens improves smart building platform with new smart sensor, lighting controls

Digital Lumens, an Osram company, expanded on Thursday its SiteWorx building intelligence platform with the introduction of two new products: Sense, an environmental sensing application, and the DLA Micro (DLA-M), a small lighting control that also enables instant SiteWorx compatibility.

Designed for cold and ambient manufacturing, food production and warehousing facilities, Sense utilizes small, off-light sensors and SiteWorx compatibility to provide temperature and relative humidity tracking, alerts and reporting that allow customers to streamline environmental monitoring, safeguard product quality, ensure critical code compliance and improve operational efficiency.

The sensors are fully wireless and simple to deploy, with connectivity monitoring and a battery life of up to five years. Once installed, Sense immediately expands the energy and lighting control benefits of its intelligent LEDs and SiteWorx smart building platform to environmental monitoring. Like other SiteWorx solutions, Sense is designed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Digital Light Agents (DLAs) are multi-strategy lighting controls that make any luminaire, from any manufacturer, intelligent. With the micro-sized DLA-M, Digital Lumens makes it easier for offices and other environments that require lower mounting heights to implement advanced lighting controls and SiteWorx compatibility.

As a result, industrial and commercial users gain unprecedented control and insight across their facility, site or enterprise, and simultaneously create a smart building network that easily can be upgraded and expanded with Sense, as well as future, sensor-based applications.

“Sense was developed based on feedback from our broad industrial customer base,” said Dr. Wolfram Unold, CEO at Digital Lumens. “Continuous, consistent and documented assessments of manufacturing, production and safety processes is critical to their operational success, and Digital Lumens’ SiteWorx platform is the ideal means through which to identify enterprise-wide opportunities for improved quality control, process efficiencies and cost savings.”

“The DLA-M is our smallest Digital Light Agent yet,” said Colin Piepgras, Vice President of Engineering at Digital Lumens. “This allows for tremendous placement versatility, and offers customers an easy way to introduce building intelligence to any LED-equipped environment.”

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