Optiv Security releases Advanced Fusion Center offerings to boost cybersecurity maturity; improve operational outcomes

Enterprise digital transformation efforts combined with advanced cybersecurity attacks have left many organizations’ security operations teams overwhelmed by an inordinately high volume, velocity, and variety of cybersecurity data and threats. Cloud solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives have added further complexity and scale by expanding the attack surface, triggering even more alerts and investigations. 

To enable organizations to go on the cybersecurity offensive, accelerate cybersecurity maturity and improve operational outcomes, Optiv Security, a security solutions integrator delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions across the globe, announced this week availability of tailored offerings that transform traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs) into Advanced Fusion Centers.

Optiv’s Advanced Fusion Center solutions leverage many of the same core innovations that are digitally transforming businesses to radically change how cybersecurity is delivered and consumed. 

The Optiv approach fuses controls, data analytics, orchestration and automation – backed by skilled cybersecurity resources – to address threats with a modern, integrated, proactive and more agile approach. Optiv’s Advanced Fusion Center solutions give each client the ability to tailor their solution based on their risk tolerance, business model, compliance requirements, technology investments and strategy. 

In addition, Optiv’s Advanced Fusion Center solutions deliver integration across all cybersecurity domains and critical controls, and are available in three different consumption models – co-sourced, managed and as-a-Service – providing clients with flexibility and freedom of choice in how they implement and use cybersecurity solutions.

Optiv’s Advanced Fusion Center solutions provide clients with fully tailored consumption models. Optiv’s services are tailored to individual organizational needs. First, Optiv takes a holistic view of a client’s cybersecurity operation and then provides flexible solutions, optimizing the client’s environment. Optiv offers co-sourced, managed and as-a-Service models that provide clients with options to power their current staffing, process and technology needs. Optiv’s services are built to scale and grow with clients as they evolve from a traditional SOC to components of a fully mature Advanced Fusion Center.

It also provides actionable performance indicators and other metrics. Optiv provides visualization, key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs) and reporting, allowing stakeholders to see the value and performance of their cybersecurity programs. Optiv works with clients to replace the reactive Problem/Response approach with its inside-out approach, starting with risk mitigation and building out from there to create a more proactive, predictable, measurable and effective cybersecurity program. 

Optiv’s unique automation/orchestration technology is backed by the right people and processes, and is intended to drive and transform the functionality of cyber operations. This helps clients reduce repetitive manual tasks to speed up response times and increase efficiency.

At the highest level, SOCs are focused on people who are enhanced by technology. Advanced Fusion Centers are focused on technology that is enhanced by tightly integrated processes and people, who remain the core of effective cybersecurity. Advanced Fusion Centers leverage prevailing innovation in cloud, data, analytics, orchestration, automation, threat intelligence and change how security operations are conducted. Leveraging innovation enables enterprises to benefit from; enhanced speed and agility, responsiveness, scale and reduced operational costs.

“Due primarily to a reactionary cybersecurity marketplace, many cybersecurity operations are challenged with transforming their approaches to keep pace with the innovations that are being applied to continuously evolving business models,” said Anthony Diaz, division vice president, emerging services. “Typical, traditional, non-integrated SOCs are not designed to address the dynamic nature of today’s businesses, the accelerating volume of alerts per hour, or the thousands of raw events per second coming from monitoring and detection products. Solving these operational concerns requires a shift in thinking that focuses on the root cause problem rather than reacting to the symptoms. By combining Optiv’s own innovation with the same innovations that are dramatically transforming businesses, we can reduce the overall complexity of cybersecurity, while advancing protection and maturity, and remaining agile to business needs.”

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