Ontario Systems releases Artiva Magnify that provides solution for greater agent productivity

Ontario Systems, a software provider in the healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) market, announced introduction of its new Artiva Magnify product, which is designed to solve the most pressing revenue cycle productivity challenges one agent at a time.

Market feedback and top consulting firms have identified that one of the biggest business challenges providers face is rising labor costs and the efficient utilization of this important resource. Left unchecked, business offices face increased caseload of patient accounts for agents and decreased time for managers to oversee operations.

The Artiva Magnify solution is “EHR-friendly” technology designed with agent productivity in mind and is informed by decades of healthcare revenue cycle management experience. It is a simple, easy-to-deploy productivity management tool that provides tremendous visibility into what agents are doing each day.

The Artiva Magnify solution supports work-from-home strategy, giving users the visibility into individual performance so that users can measure in-office- work-from home, and flex-schedule employees alike. No matter where the team sits, the Artiva Magnify solution will impact the bottom line by managing productivity and optimizing performance.

The Artiva Magnify solution can be deployed (in some cases in as little as 45 days) and comes equipped with tools to track productivity and measure time spent on and off accounts and provides detailed reports to managers. The solution increases agent productivity by monitoring effectiveness of payer calls and reducing time spent on hold.  

Agent accountability and performance is improved through tools that monitor on-site verses work-from-home staff, manage agent quality reviews, and facilitate real-time coaching by supervisors.

The Artiva Magnify solution is designed to manage agent productivity through complementing existing systems and providing deeper insight, visibility, and automation capabilities for management and training. This new solution solves the most pressing revenue cycle productivity challenges managers face with its focused features.

The offering includes real-time reporting dashboards along with agent monitor screens for managers, supervisors and the teams to measure key performance indicators such as number of accounts worked, time on/off account, productivity, inactivity tracker. In addition, it enabling tracking on hold, talk time, and time between accounts.

It also schedules agents to move from pool to pool based upon a prescribed schedule, ensuring proper attention is taken for activities related to each pool so that accounts can be worked more evenly.

“Healthcare finance leaders have made significant investment in people and EHR technology and recognize the efficient and effective use of these resources will drive success,” said Steve Scibetta, Vice President and General Manager of the healthcare division at Ontario Systems. “With today’s hiring and retention expense, we can’t simply throw more bodies at it to hit productivity goals. The Artiva Magnify product was specifically designed to complement the EHR, improve agent productivity, and provide unique business insight to help agents and supervisors recognize unproductive patterns and behaviors and resolve them. The Artiva Magnify solution will help providers get the most out of their existing EHR investment.”

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