NXM secures PSA Level One certification from UL for its autonomous security software

UL, a global safety science company, announced Tuesday that NXM Labs Inc., a technology company focused on autonomous security software, has achieved Platform Security Architecture (PSA) Level One (L1) Certification. Through independent security evaluations from partners such as UL, the PSA Certified program enables Internet of Things (IoT) solution developers, enterprise customers and consumers to identify those devices that have implemented robust device and data security within a broad universe of IoT devices.

PSA Certified is applicable to the vast majority of the IoT device market volume, and is based on openly published threat models, specs and open source reference code, allowing for older MCUs, as well as newer processor architecture, processors, to be tested. Developers who build systems in line with PSA principles will be able to have all products tested and certified at one of three assurance levels.

The goal of PSA Certified is to build trust in IoT and services. The program completes the circle in delivering the total PSA IoT security framework, providing a mechanism for the whole value chain to more easily specify or buy silicon or devices with the right-level of security. As it becomes widely utilized, it will build trust in the ecosystem through independent security testing of large volumes of designs, and enable the ecosystem to agree a solid security API for the industry.

As the first certification program spanning developers, hardware and silicon providers, PSA Certified provides both a simple and comprehensive approach to security evaluations. It comprises two elements: a multilevel security robustness scheme and a developer-focused application programming interface (API) test suite. 

UL helps create a better world by applying science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. It delivers trust by enabling the safe adoption of new products and technologies. Everyone at UL shares a passion to make the world a safer place. All work, from independent research and standards development to testing and certification, to providing analytical and digital solutions, helps improve global well-being. Businesses, industries, governments, regulatory authorities and the public put their trust in us so they can make smarter decisions.

Security evaluations by third-party labs builds trust through the independent checking of various parts of an IoT platform, including PSA Root of Trust (protecting system’s critical functions using hardware isolation), the real-time operating system (RTOS) and the device itself. 

PSA goes beyond independent security evaluations, with Arm,  provider of cloud services and IoT solutions, making available a comprehensive set of downloads, including threat models and security analyses documentation, hardware and firmware architecture specifications, open source trusted firmware and API test kits.

NXM’s platform automates security processes, eliminating the need for human oversight and intervention. In the event that a device’s security is compromised, NXM’s Agile Crypto microservice can recover and fully restore the device’s security and protection.

“Being certified to PSA Level One by UL, a recognized leader with a trusted brand, helps establish our security platform in the marketplace,” said Scott Rankine, CEO of NXM Labs. “The UL certification team helped streamline the entire process and enabled our access and speed to market.” 

“UL is one of the founding members of PSA and the goal of PSA Certified is to help secure the future of IoT by enabling cost-effective implementation of security features for microcontrollers in connected devices, leveraging third party validation,” said Isabelle Noblanc, global vice president and general manager of UL’s Identity Management and Security division. “As the first PSA certification by UL to include agile cryptography, NXM has demonstrated an established baseline of security for its platform by addressing threat models, compliance, hardware and software requirements for connected devices.”

NXM Labs also announced initial public demonstration of the NXM Autonomous Security platform. NXM is the initial independent software vendor to bring Crypto Agility to PSA Certified Level 1 which is a key enabler for Autonomous Security.

NXM Autonomous Security is a software-based solution that enables IoT devices to manage their own security without the need for human intervention, enabling brand manufactures to more easily produce trustworthy products that offer unparalleled security, data integrity and privacy protection.

NXM leverages the advanced security features of Arm-based chips to deliver scalable solutions that automate device onboarding and data versatility at the chip level, reducing the cost of deploying AI solutions and unlocking new recurring revenue opportunities.

NXM automates security processes to eliminate human error, a leading cause of cybersecurity breaches. To ensure data privacy, NXM automatically bifurcates machine-generated data from personally identifiable information, giving the OEM the option of storing data in compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR and California’s new IoT security law

In the rare event that a device’s security is ever compromised, the system can reset a device’s encryption keys allowing the device to resume normal operation with restored security. This same technology platform will be capable of protecting devices against rapidly evolving cyber threats from future quantum computers.

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