Northeastern University-Silicon Valley joins with Cisco to unveil IoT program for next phase of connectivity

Northeastern University-Silicon Valley, a vendor of experiential learning and a key member of Northeastern University’s Global Network, is collaborating with Cisco to develop and deliver curricula to establish a laboratory for skills training in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The program was developed to address the $6 trillion demand for IoT skills and the need to upskill workers for the next phase of connectivity. The joint program will combine hands-on, experiential learning opportunities with essential coursework to prepare workers for the demands of IoT technology.

The new program will leverage Northeastern’s robust research enterprise and Cisco’s leadership in technology to prepare students for the next chapter in an interconnected world—a world that requires a strong foundation in hardware and software, knowledge of the entire technology stack, data analysis and communications, and cybersecurity.

The program is designed for working professionals who already have a strong background in the foundational subjects required for future success in IoT. Courses will be delivered in a part-time, hybrid format to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals.

Most of the lecture-oriented instruction will be offered online for easy access. However, because of the importance of the connected nature and collaborative spirit of IoT, cohorts will come together for lab work hack-a-thons, and other professional skills trainings and experiential opportunities.

“We’re predicting that the next wave of technology will require a different skill set than that of traditional networking, computer science, software, hardware, network and data communication engineers, and Big Data professionals,” said PK Agarwal, regional dean and CEO of Northeastern University-Silicon Valley. “To meet the requirements of these careers, we are working with an industry leader that is dedicated to cultivating talent and leadership for the emerging IoT industry.”

“In collaborating with Northeastern University-Silicon Valley, we plan to build upon our past successes to create a financially sustainable and operationally scalable program for developing highly employable IoT professionals,” said Gary Coman, Learning Engineering and Business Development Director for Cisco Corporate Affairs.

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