Nokia and T-Mobile offer initial 3GPP-compliant bi-directional 5G New Radio data transmission

Nokia and T-Mobile announced this week its latest milestone in delivering true mobile 5G with the completion of the nation’s initial bi-directional over-the-air 5G data session on a 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio (NR) system in T-Mobile’s Bellevue lab. The test was successfully conducted with a user equipment simulator and Nokia’s 3GPP-compliant high-capacity 5G solution in the 28 GHz band.

The 5G data transmission was conducted with the Nokia AirScale baseband and radio, AirFrame server, and AirScale Cloud RAN running 5G NR 3GPP-compliant software. This same solution has been fully proven in T-Mobile’s environment through ongoing lab and field trials, such as T-Mobile’s deployment of its first inter-vendor 5G test platform.

Nokia 5G Future X is a complete and technically advanced 5G solution,providing CSPs to realize the full potential of 5G. 5G Future X enables CSPs to launch specific 5G use cases supported by unprecedented performance and scalability for all customers. This commercial solution allows early-adopter CSPs to gain a huge first-to-market advantage,  as well as use real-world experience to create the best possible 5G deployment.

5G Future X is based on embedded AI-driven architecture, providing continuous, real-time, complex cognitive processing. With AI implemented in the radio, cognitive processing algorithms achieve high performance radio. Additionally, AI in the baseband offers augmented deep learning, leading to smart, timely actions by autonomous, cognitive networks. AI in the cloud allows in-stream capture of high value data with a wide range of value-added AI applications.

Openness for innovation: Nokia’s openness approach brings the flexibility required for the 5Gera. Open interfaces (APIs) for third-party plug-ins enables innovation in each technology building block. Open communities enable developers to access information and create new value through a collaborative business approach.

Nokia has also created the Open Ecosystem Network that will extend the reach of the growing network of Nokia digital solutions.

“This successful 3GPP compliant over-the-air data transmission represents an important step for T-Mobile and the commercialization of 5G,” said Marc Rouanne, president of Mobile Networks, Nokia. “By building on the tests Nokia has previously conducted with T-Mobile, T-Mobile is well on its way to 5G commercial deployment.”

Real 5G promises to enable faster speeds, massive connectivity, decade long battery life for sensors and super responsive and reliable networks for customers. This will unleash, a host of functions including VR and AR experiences on-demand, driverless vehicles, medical monitoring, advanced industrial automation services, – all requiring ubiquitous low latency connectivity.

“This test is a big step forward in building REAL 5G that will work on actual smartphones,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer at T-Mobile. “We’re excited to continue our work with Nokia to move the future of wireless forward and bring 5G to customers!”


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