Nokia aligns with Federated Wireless to create LTE offering based on CBRS shared spectrum

Nokia and Federated Wireless announced Friday that they are partnering on creating an LTE solution based on CBRS shared spectrum. Nokia is providing indoor and outdoor CBRS small cells through its Flexi Zone solution, and Federated Wireless is providing the cloud-based spectrum controller that gives operators a cost-effective and dynamic option for accessing this new spectrum.

Nokia and Federated Wireless are natural partners in this effort. Nokia has a portfolio of technologies and services that leverage their leadership in licensed, unlicensed and now shared spectrum to tailor the network to meet operator demands using the most appropriate core network and access technologies to serve their customers’ business needs in a highly reliable way.

Federated Wireless is the leading provider of spectrum controller technology, and has been working closely with the Federated Communications Commission (FCC) and industry organizations to develop a mechanism for sharing spectrum that is cost-effective and secure.

The CBRS 3.5 GHz band provides much needed spectrum to meet the rapidly growing demand for wireless network capacity, while addressing potential interference and coordination issues with new spectrum sharing and management techniques.

Operators have taken notice, and several US operators have escalated their plans to trial the new technology as they continue to densify their mobile networks and prepare for 5G.

“Nokia is the expert in mobile technologies, and Federated Wireless is the expert in shared-spectrum management. Each company has a piece of the puzzle, and by working together we can help operators and enterprises discover the possibilities of combining the performance benefits of LTE with an easy deployment model,” said Mark Atkinson, VP/GM, Small Cells and WiFi Solutions at Nokia.

“The rapid adoption of shared spectrum technology by leading industry players such as Nokia is set to transform the wireless industry,” said Iyad Tarazi, CEO of Federated Wireless. “Spectrum innovation is providing a new era in wireless innovation, we’re not just testing interfaces, we’re testing exciting new business models.”

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