Nokia Advanced Command Center strengthens situational awareness for improved decision-making by emergency services

Nokia is extending its command and control room portfolio for public safety agencies with the launch of the Advanced Command Center. The solution is a step towards next generation 911 and 112 standards, enabling rich media call taking, 360-degree situational awareness through video and IoT, and enhanced multi-agency cooperation through virtual emergency response centers.

The Advanced Command Center is designed to meet the needs of public safety agencies faced with growing responsibilities and a transition from voice-based to broadband data-centric emergency response. Rich media emergency call-taking uses video capabilities to help public safety agencies gain a visual understanding of critical situations when an emergency 911/112 call is received.

The Advanced Command Center strengthens Nokia’s offering for Public Safety, in line with Nokia’s strategy to expand to select vertical markets.

As part of Nokia’s ViTrust portfolio, the Advanced Command Center combines next-generation emergency services (NEXES), advanced rich media emergency call-taking and dispatch capabilities with Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center for smart and safe city management.

The Advanced Command Center also integrates new capabilities and systems. For example, video surveillance combined with Nokia Scene Analytics helps detect anomalies in real time video streams, and the Nokia Sensing as a Service solution embeds IoT sensors within a smart city environment to provide acoustic signatures and track environmental changes, amongst other insights.

The consolidated data is analyzed to identify and proactively mitigate potential emergencies. Comprehensive situational awareness also helps fast, fact-based incident management and decision making in increasingly complex scenarios.

The Advanced Command Center utilizes the latest innovations from Nokia’s partner ecosystem to bring tailor-made solutions for public safety agencies. For instance, Nokia has partnered with Finland-based Insta DefSec to augment Advanced Command Center capabilities for medium- and large-scale command centers through the Insta Response system, which fulfils multi-authority support, unified call handling and dispatch requirements.

Command and control rooms can be networked in such a way that emergency call workloads are automatically balanced between virtual emergency response centers, meeting the mission-critical needs of command control rooms that operate around the clock in real time. All centers are provided with a unified view of the situation and can access the same data to improve cooperation and efficiency on a local or regional level.

Nokia’s end-to-end systems integration expertise across mission-critical broadband, data centers, platforms, systems and applications assures reliable, high-performance rich media communications for public safety environments. Additionally, Nokia’s unique multi-vendor approach with the Nokia Integration Platform enables rapid integration of legacy and new systems, allowing agencies to add new capabilities and have the flexibility to choose best-fit solutions.

In an increasingly complex environment, Nokia Integration Platform keeps the system architecture simple, allowing the sharing of available data across all systems.

“Today’s increasingly complex public safety situations call for new approaches that are built on integration and automation and are constantly evolving,” said Asad Rizvi, head of Global Services portfolio sales at Nokia. “Nokia’s Advanced Command Center optimizes resource allocation and allows for efficient multi-agency alignment, collaboration and joint coordination for police, health and fire services, as they can better prepare for events and better manage their response efforts.”


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