NI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise launch pre-tested offering for big analog data

NI and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) joined this week to facilitate the availability of pre-tested Big Analog Data solutions based on NI DataFinder Server Edition software and HPE Moonshot Systems, which are energy-efficient, integrated server systems that offer right compute for workloads. Engineers must collect and manage sensor data that is fundamentally different than what traditional big data solutions typically tackle.

The collaboration of HPE, a global leader in computing and data processing, with NI, a vendor of data acquisition and analysis, is expected to result in the availability of a pre-tested hardware and software combination for solving engineering data management problems and making decisions from sensor data more effectively.

Big Analog Data is “big data” for engineers and scientists characterized by traditional big data compared to volume, variety, velocity and value. The Vs describe the data needs of globally dispersed enterprises that must access data in multiple locations, perform analytics, and visualize results.

Big Analog Data is distinguished from other big data in three ways: it’s natural, fast, and really big. Data is measured from analog phenomenon (for example, light, motion, and magnetism) that is digitized at rates as fast as tens of gigahertz, and at much wider bit widths than other big data. Information is constantly being generated from both nature and machines.

NI describes Big Analog Data solutions using a three-tier solution architecture, meaning solutions are made up of solution elements that fit into three distinct tiers. These come together to create a single, integrated solution that can be used from the point when data is initially acquired (from a sensor) to ultimately the decision that is made based on this data.


Combining the multiple HPE Moonshot Systems and DataFinder Server Edition provides engineers with a complete, pre-validated, tested solution to manage and analyze the complexities of file-based sensor data. With DataFinder Server Edition software running on HPE Moonshot server blades, users can manage structured and unstructured data generated from any data acquisition analysis node.

“With the IoT and the emergence of more connected systems, our customers are collecting more data than ever before,” said Eric Starkloff, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at NI. “By analyzing more of their data in a reliable and accurate way, our customers can better document the results of their tests and take actionable steps to improve the efficiency and designs of their applications.”

“The DataFinder-Moonshot Big Analog Data solution is a potent combination, making it easier for engineers to rapidly deploy and gain insight from manufacturing, test and Internet of Things (IoT) data,” said Dr. Tom Bradicich, vice president and general manager of servers and IoT systems at HPE. “With this pre-tested solution, HPE and NI are helping our customers to reduce their integration risks.”

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