Next IT Healthcare joins with ClearDATA to protect digital patient information

Next IT Healthcare has chosen ClearDATA as its partner in safeguarding digital healthcare solutions, one of the fastest-growing niches in the healthcare industry. ClearDATA will host Next IT Healthcare’s Alme virtual health coach platform in a HIPAA-compliant cloud environment with unlimited scalability and security that exceeds HIPAA compliance mandates.

The alliance is directly aimed directly at healthcare organizations seeking to engage patients online without compromising their security and privacy. Alme, the core framework of Next IT Healthcare’s virtual health coach platform, provides virtual health coaching for patients with chronic conditions. Healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies seeking to engage and improve the health of large patient populations.The use the solution. is used by healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies seeking to engage and improve the health of large patient populations.

The ClearDATA and Next IT Healthcare partnership helps to improve outcomes and the patient experience while lowering costs and ,  while getting more organizations to make the transition to value-based care.

Through the deal, clients get frequent patient engagement in a secure virtual setting, as it opens; opens access to 24/7 health coaching on the patient’s preferred mobile device or PC, reinforcing behavioral and lifestyle changes; and scales to accommodate large influxes of patient populations, with zero downtime.

“ClearDATA’s partnership with Next IT Healthcare overcomes a basic conflict in healthcare—how to meet patients’ increasing demand for digital engagement without exposing their personal health data to a potential breach,” said Darin Brannan, CEO of ClearDATA. “With a secure, HIPAA-compliant home in the cloud, Next IT Healthcare’s world-class digital healthcare solutions provide their customers with effective new ways to improve outcomes for their patients.”

Next IT Healthcare and ClearDATA were introduced to each other by technology consulting firm Avail Partners, who evaluated several other cloud vendors on Next IT Healthcare’s behalf. Avail uses industry knowledge, market intelligence and engineering expertise to identify business-ready solutions. ClearDATA emerged as the clear choice for a partner that can host and secure innovative healthcare applications.


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