New Virtru Developer Hub offers persistent data protection and control across any application

Virtru announced this week its Virtru Developer Hub, a single development portal to integrate data protection capabilities and ensure the privacy of sensitive data. Now, developers can embed platform-agnostic protection into their applications or connected devices in just a few lines of code. In addition, Virtru also kicking-off a privacy-engineering challenge, inviting developers to create projects that support a range of use cases.

The Virtru Developer Hub enables developers to apply data protection across any platform, device, environment or application. As an example, the combination of Virtru’s Data Protection Platform and Intel Software Guard Extension (Intel SGX), a hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE) technology to help protect application code and data, now empowers developers to create TEEs, or enclaves, where data access and sharing can be controlled and audited in order to meet ever-evolving compliance and privacy requirements.

Virtru empowers companies to protect data wherever it is created, shared and stored, allowing the dynamic adding and removal of authorized users, processes and devices. The Virtru C++ SDK is optimized for use within Intel SGX to allow enclaves to dynamically request access to any data encrypted by the Virtru Trusted Data Format (TDF), or export data under dynamic policy, allowing controlled export of data from an enclave while maintaining enforcement of policy and controls.

Developers looking to take advantage of hardware-based isolation and memory encryption can use the integrated Virtru Software Development Kit (SDK) and Intel SGX. On platforms where Intel SGX is available, the Virtru SDK automatically uses Intel SGX for sealing and unsealing data, delivering HSM-like functionality.

Unlike point solutions or complex, loosely integrated platforms that require in-house cryptographic expertise and multiple management consoles, the Virtru Developer Hub provides one-stop access to tools that enable persistent data protection and consistent policy enforcement across disparate systems and multi-cloud environments.

The Virtru Developer Hub provides persistent data protection that protects any workflow or application where sensitive data is accessed, stored or shared; protects any file type or size without constraint, including video, CAD, high-res images and audio; and maintains data protection in multi-cloud deployments. It also includes integrated privacy controls that include information rights management capabilities, including data expiration, revocation, watermarking and sharing policies. 

It provides secure web-based reader eliminating the need for external recipients to create a new account, install new software or download attachments; out-of-the-box dashboard and administrative capabilities for managing policies and maintaining visibility into the data leaving an organization, and authentication with existing identity.

The Virtru Developer Hub provides Zero Trust architecture that prevents cloud vendors from accessing encryption keys; and gives options spanning complete SaaS, on-premises or integration with HSM deployments. Its flexible architecture adds data protection to client-side or server-side workflows, and comes with no vendor lock-in with the open Trusted Data Format and Virtru’s software development kit (SDK).

“Companies of all sizes are increasingly faced with skyrocketing data volumes while attempting to manage tens or even hundreds of custom-built applications. Complicating this, IT security teams have poor visibility over where data is flowing, creating the possibility of data theft or misuse,” said John Ackerly, CEO, Virtru. “Through our new Developer Hub, developers can take advantage of the Virtru Data Protection Platform and proven, Zero Trust architecture to maintain control of their data wherever it is created or shared.”

“Intel SGX offers unique hardware trusted execution environments to help protect their data,” said Jim Gordon, GM Security Ecosystem Strategy & Development, Intel Corporation. “With Virtru’s Data Protection Platform, developers can more readily integrate Intel SGX technology into their applications to better protect sensitive information.”

In addition, the Virtru Developer Hub gives developers the opportunity to build privacy-centric applications across a wide range of use cases, from enabling the secure sharing of data in multi-cloud environments to maintaining the privacy and security of data captured by sensors on Internet of Things (IoT) devices and platforms.

The SDK helps developers create TDFs and establish Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) to provide persistent protection and implement customized policies and rules. TDF is agentless and allows file locking, content expiration and access revocation for both structured and unstructured data. It can be invoked by users, administrators or as part of an automated process. 

“GE Aviation Systems has leveraged the new developer access to the Virtru Data Protection Platform to demonstrate the security and integrity of data collected by the M100 UAS Avionics and ground sensors. We are excited to bring this data security capability to our Government and Commercial Customers,” said Stephen Yantko, advanced and special programs, GE Aviation.

The Virtru Developer Hub Privacy-Engineering Challenge is open now through Sept. 30th, 2019. All developers are encouraged to join this friendly, community-oriented challenge and compete by building their creative privacy applications.

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